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New online tool lets you calculate the cost of your funeral

24 February 2015 Liezel Gordon, Metropolitan

Metropolitan launches free calculator to give South Africans an understanding of real funeral costs.

While most people have attended a funeral before, not many are aware of all the arrangements and costs involved. The new Metropolitan Funeral Calculator allows one to effectively plan and cost a funeral.

“We developed the funeral calculator to ensure that people are realistic about how much they need to provide for a dignified funeral. There is also a fear of not having enough funeral cover when the time comes, mostly because the costs turn out to be higher than expected. By using this tool, people can check that their funeral cover is sufficient - keeping in mind the type of funeral they would like to have or provide for their loved ones using the current market value of typical funeral costs in South Africa,” says Liezel Gordon from Metropolitan.

This easy-to-use tool allows you to plan your funeral, calculating the cost as you go. “At each step of the journey, you are presented with a number of options relating to different aspects of a funeral. Where will it take place? Will it be held in a rural setting, a township or in the suburbs? Is catering required? Would you prefer to be cremated or buried? If you are to be buried, will you choose a coffin or a casket?” explains Liezel.

As one proceeds through each section, the calculator at the bottom of the screen tallies up the approximate costs based on the individual’s choices. Once the user has finished selecting their preferences, they are provided with a full quotation of what their funeral is likely to cost, enabling them to ensure that they have adequate cover. They are also given the option to be contacted by a financial adviser, who can assist them in planning for this eventuality.

“It is important to have an idea of your loved one’s wishes before laying them to rest. These are difficult questions we tend to avoid. Do you and your family know how you would like your funeral to be? If not, this online tool may help you to answer these awkward questions in a comfortable and non-threatening way.

“Metropolitan’s funeral calculator allows you to plan effectively and make provision to minimise the financial burden. If you do not have funeral cover, your loved ones will have to find ways to cover the funeral expenses. The financial burden can make the grieving process even more stressful.

“One person who used the calculator said that while it may seem strange to visualise your own funeral, surprisingly - he enjoyed the experience!” concludes Liezel.

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