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MBH to make funeral arrangements easier

02 August 2017 John Turnbull, MBH

Mocking Bull Holdings (Pty) Ltd has launched its range of products and services directly to the market. Traditionally the Mocking Bull service benefits have been exclusively provided as value-added benefits to employer and union benefits. In May 2017, MBH launched a funeral services policy that doesn’t simply give beneficiaries a lump sum of money, but rather allows the public to receive products and services directly from appointed service providers which will assist them with the planning of a funeral.

Cash is useful and needed to pay for many of the expenses, but it doesn’t always help. Most people have two or three policies with cash benefits, but, cash is quickly spent and doesn’t always get you the services you need when arranging a funeral.

While other policies provide the cash pay-outs, the Mocking Bull Services are designed to support the existing policies by giving clients direct access to services or benefits from leading retailers or suppliers. You don’t need to use your cash for these services, Mocking Bull benefits provides either a service or significant value voucher directly with either the supplier, or retailer.

MBH Managing Director, John Turnbull says the company has done extensive research in the market to find out what people need when it comes to funeral arrangements. “Our company takes the stress off your shoulders by paying for added services directly. This provides great relief to client’s knowing that those services are provided without having to use the cash payout from other policies.,” said Turnbull.

MBH has partnered with specific world-class brands and service providers to make those services available directly to MBH clients. “Normally those services are restricted and are provided only to a certain type of client, or at more expensive rates,” said Turnbull.

We are not trained in what to do when a family member dies, and must rely on advice from family friends or undertakers. Mocking Bull provides a 24/7 assist service to advise on what to do and how to organise a funeral. It can also arrange for repatriation if required.

uMoyo™ gives airtime to allow family and friends to be called, iNyama™ provides services directly from the customer’s nearest meat or food supplier while Wiping Tears™ gives access to the best prices available from any Makro store throughout South Africa.

One of the biggest concerns while planning a funeral, is the access to transport. MBH now makes getting around easier. MBH has partnered with Avis South Africa to provide a car for the deceased’s family with no credit card or cash deposit needed. “We go one step further in ensuring a grieving family does not only have to use the car for the funeral, but has up to 6 months after the death of a loved one to book and use the car.

No matter what the client’s financial circumstance might be when a family member passes away, the stress of having to find cash to pay for goods and service is now eliminated. “MBH stands by its slogan of funeral arrangements made easier, to provide clients with a hassle-free process while planning a funeral. You are already having to cope with a loss. You don’t still need to worry about money to pay for a dignified burial,” said Turnbull.

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