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It just makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your Will

29 January 2021 Alex Simeonides at Capital Legacy
Alex Simeonides,CEO at Capital Legacy

Alex Simeonides,CEO at Capital Legacy

Thirty years ago, you would never have imagined that life cover would be sold over the phone, never mind online. It was the domain of revered men in suits and briefcases with jargon and phrases that made you think you needed a PhD in finance to understand what you were buying.

With life speeding up and the proliferation of the internet into our lives, we all got smart and figured out that life cover is just a commodity and can be bought in minutes online. I mean, who has time for a consultation these days? It’s only life cover (sarcasm intended).

Enter the era of the big insurers with complicated rewards programmes and points systems that made you hop, skip and jump (literally), to keep you loyal and save you money. You spend more time figuring out how to get points than checking to see that you have the right cover in place.

Life (and death) can be complicated.
The reality is that it’s what happens after you die that’s important. When you’re gone, who is making sure that all the pieces of your estate plan puzzle are put together? Life cover forms just one part of that. Who is dealing with the Master’s office, beneficiaries, debtors, creditors, trusts, pensions, property transfers, vehicles, gun licences, taxes, etcetera? This is what we do, and it’s what we do well if I do say so myself.

Straightforward, affordable life cover.
At Capital Legacy, we have helped over 300,000 clients get their Wills in order and we administer hundreds of deceased estates every year. We have built a reputation in the industry for delivering unique insurance solutions to real issues, as evident in our Legacy Protection Plan™ (LPP™) that indemnifies our clients from executor and legal fees at death.

When we saw how many estates lacked sufficient life cover to support their estate plan objectives, it was a natural progression for us to find a solution that was again unique and that offered real value. Enter MyCover™. Straightforward, affordable life cover that is seamlessly integrated into your Will, thereby ensuring the right people get paid the right amounts.

What makes MyCover™ different?
1. It’s comparably cheaper – By doing it with your Will and LPP™, we can pass the savings onto you.
2. It integrates with your Will – To ensure you make the correct beneficiary nominations.
3. It’s flexible – You can switch between having more cover, less premium or a 5-year cash back at any time.
4. Save on executor and trustee fees – Life cover that pays to your estate is indemnified of estate fees, making sure all your life cover is used for what you intended.
5. It’s convenient – Easy application process with no blood tests required.
6. Insure for disability or illness – An optional yet comprehensive benefit that covers both for less.

You still can’t beat good advice!
At Capital Legacy, we wholeheartedly support good advice from reputable financial advisors. That is probably why we are trusted by over 4,500 financial advisors countrywide to help their clients with their Wills and look after their families with our estate administration teams.

Why not chat to your advisor about the complexities that families face after the death of a breadwinner in the family. Apart from sufficient life cover, how is this transitory period in a family’s life managed and planned for? With a frank conversation like this, you’ll agree that it just makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your Will.

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