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Introducing the new 1Life Wills and Estate Plan

09 May 2023 1Life





Protect and transfer your client’s generational wealth with 1Life Wills and Estate Plan

Our new 1Life Wills and Estate Plan is here! This means that we are not only able to offer you a comprehensive Life and Wealth suite of products, but we also now provide a comprehensive estate planning solution to your clients.

1Life Wills and Estate Plan is an innovative life insurance product with cover specifically designed to address challenges traditionally associated with estate planning, executorship, and Wills with a critical focus on addressing an estate shortfall to provide liquidity in the estate. It comes with an easy, online, quick, and intelligent will drafting service, backed by one of the leading fiduciary experts in the country, Fairheads. All of this is powered by 1Life Vantage.

To pique your interest, here are a couple of the benefits; or if you don’t have time to read any further, then simply contact us here for a 1-to-1 with one of our broker consultants to take you through a demo.

Benefits to the client 

1.  An Estate shortfall lump sum of up to R10 million paid out to the Estate

2. A monthly income paid to a chosen beneficiary for 6-months

3. Liquidity benefit of up to R50 000

4. A tailored, valid, signed, and secure online Will, which takes as little as 15-minutes to complete, with in-built intelligence easy for you to action, together with your client via 1Life Vantage

5. Savings on Executor- and Conveyancing fees  … and more

Benefits to you

1. No disintermediation.  1 View of your client assets for as long as the Will resides with 1Life, enabling you to see any financial or lifestyle changes as and when they happen, resulting in better financial planning

2. You earn a share in the Executor fee

3. With the power of 1Life Vantage up to 97% of policies are accepted within 35 minutes and can be facilitated through remote acceptance …and more

How do you get access to 1Life Wills and Estate Plan?
Read more here or speak to a 1Life specialist consultant by contacting us at

There is no doubt that today not only is winding up an estate a tiresome exercise but so too can it be a long and expensive one, with lots of red tape – leaving clients’ families in the lurch while dealing with a loved one’s passing. For as long as we have been around, we have aimed to lighten the financial burden at this time, by ensuring our clients are paid out timely and gain benefits from their life cover however, today, we are taking this one step further by easing the pressures and costs associated with estate finalisation. 

Consider partnering with us to help your clients build and protect their generational wealth.

Kind regards,

Kobus Wentzel
Head:  1Life Distribution and Sales



1Life is a licensed life insurer and financial services provider.  Ts and Cs Online.




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