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Prescient consolidates all Unit Trust funds under own brand

01 October 2012 Prescient Investment Management

Prescient Investment Management (“PIM”) is consolidating all unit trust product offerings to the retail (individual) market under its own brand. This will include its flagship funds; Positive Return, Income Provider (Flexible Income) and Bond QuantPlus®,

PIM is a leading Quantitative Investment Management House which was launched in 1998. The business started as an institutional investment manager, managing assets for pension funds, medical aids, unions and corporations. Our initial entry into the retail market was small, generally via multi-managers and investors close to Prescient.

Eldria Fraser, CEO of Prescient Investment Management said: “Over time, a retail distribution relationship was forged with Nedgroup Investments, where they appointed Prescient as manager of the Nedgroup Investments Bond Fund, which followed Prescient’s Bond QuantPlus® investment process. The distribution relationship grew, resulting in an additional three mandates being awarded using Prescient’s proven intellectual processes. This relationship has been very good for both Nedgroup Investments and Prescient, with the four funds growing to over R11 billion in total assets.”

Positive Return, Income Provider (Flexible Income) and Bond mandates have always been part of Prescient’s core competencies. Importantly, our Money Market, Balanced, Equity and Offshore funds have also been successful investment solutions. Clients have often asked if they can access our skills and competencies directly, but in the retail market these could only be accessed through the funds offered by Nedgroup Investments. Investment platforms were reluctant to add additional Prescient funds as they believed we were already represented by the Nedgroup Investment funds, thus inhibiting the market’s access to our other products.

Fraser said: “We have therefore come to the point in our development and growth strategy where we would like to consolidate our entire product offering under our own brand. Through our steadfast philosophy and proven track record the Prescient brand is now better known in the market. We have developed a strong national distribution capability with wider market recognition. We have informed Nedgroup Investments of our plans and have given notice on the four funds that we manage for them.”

The funds are the Nedgroup Investments Flexible Income, Positive Return, Optimal Income and Bond Funds. Prescient and Nedgroup Investments will ensure that these funds are appropriately managed until such time that the transition to the newly appointed managers is complete. This is expected to be on or before 30 November 2012.

“We would like to thank Nedgroup Investments for their support over the years and we wish them all the best for the future.”

Prescient’s unique process and committed service will, in future, be available directly under the Prescient brand and our funds will be listed on LISP platforms for use by financial advisors. Advisors are encouraged to request LISP platforms for access to the Prescient funds.

The full Prescient Unit Trust suite includes:


Prescient Money Market Fund

Prescient Yield QuantPlus Fund

Prescient Income Provider Fund

Prescient Income Saver Fund

Prescient Bond QuantPlus Fund

Prescient Positive Return QuantPlus Fund

Prescient Balanced QuantPlus Fund

Prescient Equity Active Quant Fund

Prescient Equity Income Fund

Prescient Equity Defender Fund

Prescient Africa Equity Fund

Prescient Global Income Feeder Fund (Rand)

Prescient Global Positive Return Euro Feeder Fund (Rand)

Prescient Global Growth Feeder Fund (Rand)


Prescient Global Income Fund (US$)

Prescient Global Positive Return (Euro) Fund (Euro and US$)

Prescient Global Growth Fund (US$)

Prescient is dedicated and ambitious and will continue to manage money in a professional and an unemotional manner, seeking to enhance returns whilst being conservative with your capital. Our proven risk controlled process, which delivers consistent returns, remains unchanged.

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