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Westbrooke’s Section 12J investment deadline is fast approaching!

10 February 2020 Westbrooke




what is S12J?

Designed to boost the local economy, Section 12J of the Income Tax Act stipulates that taxpayers who invest in qualifying Section 12J companies can write off 100% of their investment against their taxable income in the year they invest1.

Investors benefit from up to 45%² immediate tax relief, reducing the cost of the investment, providing downside protection and enhancing overall returns.
1Limited to R2.5m per individual / trust and R5m per company per annum
²At the maximum marginal South African income tax rate

how do we fit into the S12J ecosystem?

Today, WAAM is South Africa’s largest Section 12J manager with multiple investment strategies across various sectors in South Africa.

Westbrooke is South Africa’s only Section 12J manager to have deployed over R1.3bn into numerous underlying investments (approximately a third of total industry investment).


westbrooke's 2020 S12J investment strategies

Westbrooke Aria provides growth capital to a portfolio of low risk, asset-backed rental businesses, with contractual revenue streams in partnership with experienced and reputable operators to ensure alignment of risk and reward.
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Westbrooke Stac invests into a portfolio of income-generating student accommodation properties in partnership with established and reputable student accommodation operators that have proven track records in the industry.
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Westbrooke Aria Plus, the next phase in the evolution of Westbrooke Aria, seeks to invest in a portfolio of moveable asset rental businesses which generate predictable revenue streams alongside experienced, reputable entrepreneurs across South Africa.
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deadline to invest: 25 February 2020
For more information, or to find out how to invest, click here or contact us.
Minimum investment of R250,000 and maximum investment of R2,500,000 for individuals/trusts and R5,000,000 for companies. T’s & C’s apply. Westbrooke is a registered financial services provider.
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