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Satrix NASDAQ 100 ETF lists on the JSE

16 April 2018 Helena Conradie, Satrix
Helena Conradie, CEO of Satrix.

Helena Conradie, CEO of Satrix.

New ETF aims to replicate the performance of the Nasdaq-100 Index.

Last week, The Satrix Nasdaq 100 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) bringing the number of ETFs listed on the exchange in 2018 to ten.

Donna Nemer, Director: Capital Markets at the JSE, says the exchange is privileged to welcome the Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF to the JSE. “We are committed to offering all our investors with choice and this ETF will expand our global ETF range and provide our investors with an opportunity to invest in the 100 largest, non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in a single trade.”

ETFs are listed investment products that track the performance of a group or ‘basket’ of shares, bonds or commodities. They allow you to access a wide spectrum of assets and they can be used for hedging, to diversify your portfolio, to lower your risk and to enhance the performance of your portfolio. They are an ideal investment vehicle for those who are new to the world of investing and are suitable for individual as well as institutional investors.

The Nasdaq 100® is one of the most watched indices in the world. Helena Conradie, CEO of Satrix, says: “I am very excited to announce the latest addition to our global ETF range, and our very first in partnering with Nasdaq. South Africans are sophisticated investors and have varying needs, especially when it comes to global investing. Satrix has met many of those needs and we think the Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF is a fine complement to our existing range.”

The Nasdaq-100® index is a market cap weighted index and was launched in January 1985. It is well known for being tech heavy but also includes industrial, technology, retail, telecommunication, biotechnology, health care, transportation, media and service companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amgen.

“The Nasdaq-100 is the benchmark for the new industrials, the global companies changing the way we work, socialise, transact, and move every single day,” says Dave Gedeon, Vice President and Head of Global Index Research and Product Development for Nasdaq Global Indexes. “From technology to medicine to industry, there is almost no corner of innovation that Nasdaq-100 does not reach and now investors in South Africa are able to access these innovative names in the ETF wrapper for the first time. We are very excited to work with Satrix to deliver the first Nasdaq-100 ETF in Africa.”

The first ETF in South Africa – known as Satrix40 – was listed on the exchange in November 2000, tracking the performance of the ALSI40 index. The ETF market continues to show steady growth locally and today’s ETF listing brings the total number of ETFs listed on the JSE to 73, with a total market capitalisation of R70.63 billion.

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