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Profile group goes live with Namibian stock exchange (NSX) data

12 April 2019 Profile Media

Following the incorporation of companies listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) in previous issues of Profile's Stock Exchange Handbook, the popular e-investment platform (ShareData Online), now incorporates NSX data covering all Namibian listed companies.

Profile Group chairman, Ernie Alexander, says that the company supports all initiatives that increase investor and institutional access to investment and financial data. We will be driving new projects that will broaden the base of available data from the Southern African and Indian Ocean region, including Botswana and Mauritius, in the near future.

"By including all Namibian companies on the ShareData Online platform, Profile is able to offer NSX companies an extended Investor Relations reach as many institutions and retail investors already make good use of our data products for initial research purposes. Users of ShareData Online are able to access near live data on all NSX companies and can get updates on a 5 min basis, says Alexander."

Together with its media products (Profile’s Stock Exchange Handbook and Unit Trusts Handbook), ShareData Online ( and FundsData Online ( are the leading source for listed company and unit trust data in Southern Africa.





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