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Prescient Balanced QuantPlus® Fund is now Prescient Absolute Balanced Fund

18 November 2013 Prescient

Prescient Balanced QuantPlus ® Fund was approved by the FSB but now has a new name and will be the Prescient Absolute Balanced Fund effective immediately.

The change in name aligns the name of the Fund more closely to the investment strategy that has been followed in the Fund since inception. The aims of the portfolio is to invest in a diversified range of assets that can deliver real return over time, while also having a keen focus on managing capital losses in the portfolio.

Prescient has followed an absolute return mind-set in managing this Fund and hence the Fund has maintained a conservative profile in terms of capital losses, as Prescient has employed protection strategies to limit draw-downs from time to time. Over time, the Fund has protected investors well against market losses, particularly when the market has fallen aggressively. The new name will reflect this style more correctly and hence Prescient believes the name change is appropriate. There will not be any change in the management style of the portfolio going forward.

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