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Liberty launches R200 a month investment plan

14 September 2021 Liberty

Liberty's Emerging Consumer Market division has launched a revamped investment plan designed to help anyone wanting to grow their money by investing small amounts. They say we must begin with small steps to achieve big things. In this case, the Liberty Investment Plan allows our customers to start with as little as R200 a month to achieve meaningful financial goals.

The Liberty Investment Plan will allow committed savers to save and invest for things they never thought possible. This could include a new home, studies, a new car or a wedding.

Lindi Monyae, Executive for Liberty's Emerging Consumer Market says the offering is aimed at assisting those who are not necessarily high-income earners, but have dreams and aspirations like everyone else, to achieve future goals that require a lump sum in the medium to long term. It requires the discipline and resilience needed for any worthwhile feat.

"Some goals can seem impossible if you don’t have the kind of money needed to make them a reality. A small investment every month can grow into a big amount over time," says Monyae.

As a first step, investors will need to choose how much they want to invest and for how long. Clarity of the goal and a saving vs spending mindset is important. Depending on the timeframe that you want, there are minimum investment amounts says Monyae.
The following options are available as part of the Liberty Investment Plan:
• R500 over 5 years
• R300 over 10 years
• R200 over 15 years

While the Plan is flexible, withdrawing one's investment earlier than planned is not recommended. Most of our customers give up halfway through this journey, when hardships hit, but we encourage them to persevere, knowing that the gain will be worth it.

"We don’t recommend taking any of your investments out earlier than planned. You want to see growth and to meet your goals, so you need to stay in for the long-haul. However, we understand that unplanned emergencies happen. You are able to withdraw a part of your investment once during the first 5 years. After the first 5 years, you can make any number of withdrawals."

With financial jargon and uncertainty, some new investors tend to shy away from taking the first step towards investing. Monyae says Financial Advisers are there to assist in this regard.

"With the correct financial advice, the journey can be less daunting. A Financial Adviser will help you in ensuring that you stick to your investment goals.
The Liberty Investment Plan comes with an option to select up to eight beneficiaries who will each get a portion of your investment should you pass away before the investment term is over.

And for added peace of mind, we guarantee a minimum return of all your investment premiums, so you won't lose your investment premiums invested in the Plan. This guarantee applies on death and at the end of your chosen investment term.


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