Glacier’s AI Flexible Fund of Funds – a first of its class in SA

12 September 2018Glacier by Sanlam

Glacier by Sanlam recently launched its first Artificial Intelligence fund – the Glacier AI Flexible Fund of Funds. The fund targets CPI plus 5% over rolling three year periods and uses AI to diversify away human manager risk.

“This fund demonstrates our commitment to innovation,” says Leigh Köhler, Head of Glacier Research.  “By actively adapting to changing markets, the fund helps to materially improve the consistency of achieving investment goals with significantly reduced downside risk.”
The fund utilises an artificial intelligence machine-learning investment engine that dynamically alters the fund’s asset allocation in accordance with market movements.  The aim is to minimise the depth and breadth of drawdowns, optimise the risk-return balance and maximise investment outcomes.
There are no limits on asset class exposure – the fund can go up to 100% in equities (with a 30% cap on foreign exposure). 

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