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Glacier International launches Navigate Optimised Model Portfolios

14 March 2016 Glacier by Sanlam

Glacier International, a division of Glacier by Sanlam, recently announced an enhanced version of its flagship Navigate investment offering.

Initially, Glacier International – which launched in 2010 – offered access to around 600 funds across a number of asset classes, regions and sectors.

After receiving requests from the market for more guidance when investing internationally, Glacier International launched the Navigate range of funds in 2011, to simplify the many options available to investors wanting to invest offshore. The range comprises around 30 funds across three risk profiles.

The team has now enhanced the portfolio construction process and is working closely with the Glacier Research analysts and Glacier Consulting team. Glacier Research – already renowned for its robust fund research and investment support – now assists with global fund selection as well. This allows Glacier International to ensure that the funds included in the Navigate fund range remain best-in-class and increases the investment support it offers to the market.

Optimised model portfolios

The enhanced Navigate model portfolios, called the Navigate Optimised Model Portfolios, retain the three risk profiles (Cautious Growth, Moderate Growth and Aggressive Growth) but the construction process is optimised using a portfolio construction strategy developed by Glacier Consulting. Investors have two currency options – USD and GBP.

The Optimised Model Portfolios are constructed using a proprietary multi-factor model which takes into consideration factors such as value at risk, acceptable drawdowns and correlations, to ensure there is sufficient diversification of investment philosophies, styles, geographical and regional exposures as well as economic sectors.

The Optimised Model Portfolios are monitored and rebalanced as market conditions or managers change, with the aim to meet the clients’ financial needs and expectations.

Glacier International believes the Optimised Model Portfolios will add significantly to the current Navigate offering, by providing dynamic and active portfolio management. By taking on slightly more risk, the Optimised Cautious Growth Model Portfolio is likely able to enhance returns, in addition to providing enhanced capital protection. The Optimised Moderate Growth Model Portfolio should be able to increase growth potential with an expected decrease in volatility; and the Optimised Aggressive Growth Model Portfolio will be better positioned to manage downside risk and increase returns at a lower level of risk.

The three risk profiles target CPI + 3% over five years, CPI + 5% over seven years, and CPI + 6% over ten years respectively, whilst beating the category average returns in each risk profile.

Clients will be able to invest in the Optimised Model Portfolios, by completing the relevant new business or switch forms and signing the relevant mandate, at a cost of 0.25%. Clients in the existing Navigate model portfolios will not be automatically switched into the Navigate Optimised Model Portfolios.

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