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Sygnia to list ten ETFs on A2X

06 April 2021 A2X Markets and Sygnia Limited

Sygnia’s industry-leading exchange traded funds (ETF) range has been approved for a secondary listing on A2X Markets. These ETFs will retain their primary listings on the JSE but will also be available for trade on A2X from 14 April 2021.

Sygnia is the largest international equity ETF provider in South Africa, offering investors the widest range of ETFs that track international equity markets and managing over R26.7 billion in ETF investments.

The ETFs are:
1. Sygnia Itrix 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity ETF
2. Sygnia Itrix S&P 500 ETF
3. Sygnia Itrix DJ Euro Stoxx 50 ETF
4. Sygnia Itrix MSCI Japan Index ETF
5. Sygnia Itrix Global Property ETF
6. Sygnia Itrix SWIX 40 ETF
7. Sygnia Itrix Top 40 ETF
8. Sygnia Itrix FTSE 100 ETF
9. Sygnia Itrix MSCI USA Index ETF
10. Sygnia Itrix MSCI World Index ETF

Sygnia will be adding at least three more ETFs to its range this year, all of which will also be listed on A2X.

Explaining the new listing, Sygnia CEO David Hufton said, “Following Sygnia’s listing on A2X in 2018, we are pleased that Sygnia’s full range of ETFs will soon be available for trade on A2X. This will offer our investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by the platform, including lower exchange fees, narrower spreads and added liquidity.”

Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X markets, added, “We are delighted to welcome Sygnia’s full suite of market-leading ETFs onto our platform. ETFs are traditionally very cost-sensitive, and we look forward to helping Sygnia enable their investors to extract additional benefits when they transact.”

These ETF listings will bring the number of securities available for trade on A2X to 50, with a combined market capitalisation of more than R5.2 trillion. A2X has listings from many key sectors, including media, property, mining, banking, retail, FMCG, financial services, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications, as well as other ETFs and exchange traded notes (ETNs). A2X was authorised to secondary list ETFs and ETNs in 2019 and will now have 13 ETFs and 2 ETNs on its market.

A2X is a licensed stock exchange that provides a secondary listing venue for companies. It is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the Prudential Authority (SARB) in terms of the Financial Markets Act. A2X began trading in October 2017, with nine approved brokers accounting for about 50% of market activity.

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