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29 July 2020 Lelane Bezuidenhout, CFP®






FPI members newsletter.






Dear Member,

We hope that your are doing well, and have come to terms with the new normal we in. While
Covid-19 has thrown us many a curveball, we have found that there have been a few blessings,
not the least for us to truly embrace technology. We hope that the same is true for you and your
business. Take a look at the FPI environment during these times.

We are currently evolving our brand and online experience.
The pandemic has underscored the fact that the key to business survival is flexibility, agility
and that no one is exempt. It is why we currently at work improving our brand and our online
experience to meet the needs of the members and audience at large.  The FPI understands this is
something to be excited about and for all to look forward to.

We have taken our convention online.
In the interests of public health, we have taken a bold step to make this year's FPI Professionals
Convention digital. The Convention takes place on the 27th and the 28th of October 2020. The digital convention will ensure the safety of all conference attendees and further enabled the FPI to secure
a stellar line-up of global speakers.

The Gala dinner.
The number of convention attendees for the FPI Convention for 2020 has prescribed, that the FPI
innovates this year and in so doing launched a digital platform to meet the needs of the convention
practically. However the FPI has decided to keep the Gala dinner a more intimate event. We believe
that the gala dinner and annual awards presentation simply has to be an old-fashioned experience
and an evening of good food, wine and fantastic conversation. The dinner and awards presentation
will be held on the evening of the 27th of October 2020 with a much smaller audience.
A digital package of the highlights of the awards and dinner will be made available on 28th of
October 2020 enabling those who missed out on the precedings to digitally download or view the
evenings events.

We have been hard at work selecting winners for our various catagories.
The quality and great interest of this years entrance and award profile nominees has been phenomenal. Choosing between the applicants has not been easy, you can be rest assured that the winners we
announce at the gala dinner on 27th October 2020 will be worthy recipients.

The launch of CFP Ambassador Programme.
As part of our ongoing mission to make all South Africans aware of the value of the financial
planning process, the FPI is launching the CFP Professionals Ambassador Programme.

The Ambassadors will promote the financial planning proffession in the mainstream media, on
social media and at conferences and events. They will also focus on consumer education represented
by the FPIs MYMONEY123 probono programme.
The Ambassadors are all previous winners of the Financial Planner of the Year award however we
will be expanding the reach of the programme to ensure the specialisation and in-depth knowledge of
our Professionals is represented to the market at large thus bring a much needed assurance to the
people who need it.

Over to you.
The FPI is striving to ensure market relevance and ease of access during this unusual environment.
We hope you are doing the same. The survey, that the FPI conducted recently, demonstrated an
overwhelming need for reputable guidance and professional advice in the market place. This highlighted
the importance of our profession and relevance of the body of knowledge and need for advocacy in
the market place.
To view the results of the survey,
click here.

To ensure that many South Africans get access to quality financial planning, your proffessional voice
in the market is key to guide Southern Africa through these uncertain times.

Stay safe and keep thinking out the box,

Lelane Bezuidenhout, CFP









Future proof your business.
Enter the FPI 2020 Awards.

Winning an FPI award is a great way to boost your professional standing and attract new clients. Even being chosen as a finalist goes a long way towards future proofing your business. The launch of two new awards means theres now more chance than of winning















FPI Certification.

FPI Certification has evolved to meet the
needs of the prospective designation candidates
by delivering a non-contact environment, brought
on by Covid-19.
As a result the FPI is adapting to suit your needs,
bringing the August 2020 FPI exams online.

Registration for Professional Competency Exams.
The final registration dates for the exam are 30th of July 2020.





Professional Competency Exams Dates. 
For the August 2020 exams, the FPI has split the exams into two sittings. All regional exam sittings are being merged into two-online sittings which enable a safe exam environment but also allows candidates to deal with the new demands in a methodical manner. 
The exam dates are the 13th of August 2020 for case study one and 17th of August 2020 for the second exam.
Note - Ensure your profile is generated on the FPI website before you register for the August 2020 certification exams. 

News from FPI Certification.
Roxanne van Blerk will be moving on from the FPI. As a solution Lelane Bezuidenhout will be stepping in as a interim fulfilment to this position until the FPI has filled the esteemed role. FPI wishes Roxanne all the best going forward and our thanks goes out to her for the phenomenal job she has done with the FPI.






The South African Tax season has adapted to the disruption that South Africa has faced for 2020.

The SARS process dates for COVID 2020 starts 01 September 2020 to 16 November 2020 for taxpayers who file online. Those who cannot file online can do so from 01 September 2020 to 22 October 2020 by appointment.




Keep informed.

The provisional taxpayers who files electronically can do so from 01 September 2020 until 31 January 2021.

To stay informed about the dynamic changes in the South African tax landscape, The FPI would like to draw your attention to the Tax Indaba brought you by the South African Institute of Tax Professionals which is taking place on the 07th to the 09 September 2020 digitally.




FPI members qualify for SAIT members rates.







Meet FPI's new technical specialist.

Cluhein Trubshaw is a seasoned professional offering extensive financial and investment management experience. Cluhein worked as a portfolio manager and equities trader at Independent Securities (Pty) Ltd and as a senior associate at Stonehage Fleming Financial Services before  ....













FPI Contractual update.

FPI Member Disciplinary update.


The seasons news is that FPI has changed the Disciplinary Committee name to Conduct and Ethics Committee. It not only fits in with current thinking around professional responsibility but, more so, reflect that FPI does not view disciplining of members as a primary task. Directing member ethics towards optimum professional conduct is the focus.









Making better relationships during COVID-19.

Covid - 19 has affected our lives in numerous ways not the least being that of our finances. The Consumer department was tasked with creating a session for staff on how to manage their finances during Covid-19.



We would like to extend a warm word of appreciation and thanks to Mr Hendri De Klerk CFP who was kind enough to assist FPI to create and record a training webinar for staff, based on the FPI MYMONEY123 programme. This programme specifically focussed on managing cash and managing financially during the COVID - 19 epidemic. The webinar covered roughly aspects of financial planning, budgeting, managing money, and more, and has been made available to all FPI Staff, enabling them to navigate the terrain that Covid-19 presented with ease. Clayton Lautenberg the Human Resources Manager said The Webinar proved to be a great success and we have already received much positive feedback with regards its relevance and helpfulness.

The FPI Financial Literacy work group.

The FPI has established a Financial Literacy Working Group to review the FPI MYMONEY123 workshop material and the Consumer offering in terms of Financial Literacy. Our kick off meeting was held on the 5th of May 2020. The FPI would like to thank everyone who joined the working group, including, Prof Bernadene De Clecq CFP, Carol Lenzi CFP, Hendri de Klerk CFP, Marguerite Engelbrecht CFP, Roxanne van Blerk CFP and Hendrik Crafford CFP.







After consultation with the FPI Advocacy Committee and the membership base, FPI submitted its response to the FSCA Advisor categorisation paper.

We are pleased to see that the protection of the terms financial planner and financial planning have been included in the discussion document.







SAVE THE DATE  5th - 9th OCTOBER 2020







When we created the theme "Future Proof" for this year Convention, we did not anticipate that this would be so fitting in the context of current events. We were already active online webinars and online courses we are bringing you the next step in our online services though digital conferencing.

To register for our digital conference, click below.













FPI Learning is the FPIs e-learning platform where all the online courses and webinars are hosted for registrants to access on their own time to get their required CPD hours and knowledge as financial advisors.
Progress your CPD at your own pace.










FPI CPD continuously develops new online courses that are available on demand.  These approved verifiable CPD programmes are updated frequently with new information to ensure you remain fit and proper when it comes to CPD.  

For updated information click below.










The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa NPC
84 Sophia Street (Cnr 11th Avenue) Fairland 2170



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