FIA and Summit TV are talking risk

13 May 2009 Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA)
Arnold van der Linde, President of the FIA

Arnold van der Linde, President of the FIA

Talking Risk - the new series on Summit TV sponsored by the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) - will kick-off on Tuesday, 19 May. This 26-episode series is set to explore issues and hot topics within the risk and/or insurance industry, specifically those related to financial planning and intermediation.

Says Arnold van der Linde, President of the FIA: “Talking Risk is aimed at those who have or are considering investing in risk and other insurance products. By debunking myths, addressing perceptions, debating topical issues and tackling consumer concerns, Talking Risk will help educate and empower consumers to take more ownership of their portfolios and make informed choices about product purchases.”

The series will take a look at various issues spanning short-term insurance, healthcare cover, employee benefits and financial planning. Examples of specific topics that will be covered include: ‘intermediaries - villains or heroes?’, ‘the good and bad of commission’, ‘is the financial services industry over-regulated?’, ‘direct insurance vs. intermediaries,’ to name but a few.

The show will be hosted by financial journalist Semeyi Zake who will be joined each week by industry executives and specialists who will air their views and share their expertise with viewers.

Talking Risk is based on Summit TV’s successful formula of producing short, snappy, current content that is ideal for today’s pressured and harried living. Each nine-minute episode of Talking Risk will be broadcast five times a week on the following days and times:

- Tuesdays at 18h40

- Wednesdays at 05h40 and again at 20h30

- Thursdays between 01h00 and 02h00 and again at 07h30

A vodcast of each week’s show may also be downloaded from Summit TV’s website.

Van der Linde says the FIA is looking forward to participating in Talking Risk as the series will address issues in a professional, transparent manner and improve consumer education about financial planning and risk-related matters.

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