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Launching PROpulsion PRO, a new community set to raise the bar for the future of the financial planning profession

15 March 2021 Propulsion
Francois du Toit, Director of Propulsion

Francois du Toit, Director of Propulsion

The next evolution for the financial planning profession on the back of a ground-breaking live show that was started during COVID-19 and lockdown.

  •  PROpulsion Pro launch event taking place Thursday 18 March 2021 at 7 PM
  •  The PROpulsion Pro community offers a space to collaborate and to showcase the absolute best that the profession has to offer in South Africa, but also worldwide.
  •  Become part of something truly significant.

Live launch event takes place Thursday 18 March 2021 at 19:00 SA Time

PROpulsion Learning, in collaboration with NextGen Planners from the UK, is launching PROpulsion Pro, a first for the South African financial advice industry and profession. The launch is taking place on Thursday 18 March 2021 at 7 PM South African Time. It is a live online event that will be broadcasted on YouTube and LinkedIn. We invite all financial advisers, planners, students, and similar role players to attend by registering for free at If you work in financial services and you want to become part of something truly significant, you must consider attending.

We are excited to bring this unique offering to the South African financial advice market” – Francois du Toit, Director of Propulsion Learning and host of the popular live show “PROpulsion LIVE” on Youtube.

The greatest thing about PROpulson Pro is the community. We invite financial professionals (and their support teams) who wants to support each other and offer help and support to others through our member social network. It is here that the value of being a PROpulsion Pro member becomes evident, and we are setting out to enable members to build great relationships, ideas and even businesses via our community. Our community offers a space to collaborate and to showcase the absolute best that the profession has to offer in South Africa, but also worldwide.

During the launch event, we will share details about all the valuable initiatives, programs, and opportunities PROpulsion Pro will make available. And we are set start off with a bang!

“Everything we do is about #RaisingTheBar. For ourselves, our business, and the financial planning profession so we can serve our customers with pride and that they will see us as a necessity and the pinnacle of professionalism.” – Francois du Toit

PROpulsion Learning is a company focused on designing and delivering impactful online learning content for financial professionals. We are well-known for our quality CPD programs designed, produced, and presented by Francois du Toit. We started a live show during lockdown that celebrates its first birthday on the 19th of March 2021. 126 episodes and counting are available on our YouTube channel. This show is the prelude to what we are launching now as PROpulsion Pro.

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Adoption of contactless technologies and digital experiences will likely be accelerating emerging technologies further
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