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Introducing PROpulsion: The financial professional’s catalyst to exponential growth

03 April 2019 PROpulsion

Francois du Toit is very pleased to be launching a new free initiative that is designed to bring the industry together and to help financial advisors run successful businesses.

PROpulsion is a series of podcasts for ambitious advisors wanting to take their businesses up to the next level or to scale them across the country.

“As both the name and the logo suggest, PROpulsion is all about driving and pushing forward – something I have been doing relentlessly with my clients since 2016,” says Francois Du Toit.

By professionals for professionals

“There are plenty of podcasts, programs and publications that focus on helping consumers to make financial decisions. But there really isn’t much out there that’s geared towards financial practitioners in South Africa. PROpulsion fills that gap” says Francois Du Toit.

Francois spends loads of time helping financial planners, accountants and tax practitioners to build and run their practices as effectively as possible. He sees the same old practice management problems crop up again and again. He also consults with plenty of folks who are already successful and who have figured out how to surmount challenges and to innovate their way out of boxes. And he works with people who haven’t got everything sussed…but who are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and try things (as opposed to talking about trying things).

“These people – and all their ideas, mistakes and triumphs – are the heroes of our podcasts” says Francois.

Not only the experts…

Based on the belief that there’s something to learn from everyone, PROpulsion will interview professionals at very different stages of their careers. These will include the ‘usual suspects’ who are featured on panels and radio shows as well as unknown characters who have accomplished amazing things.

One thing all of the guests will have in common is that they are driven to succeed and that they have constructive and valuable stories to share. “There’s a massive amount to be gained from listening to people who have failed, changed, re-energised, and started again”, says Francois.

How it will work

Each week a different guest will discuss how they run their practice, the challenges they face, how they overcome those challenges, which tech has improved their business, how their revenue models work, and much, much more. Confirmed guests include:

• Wessel Oosthuizen, CFP® – Managing Director, Verso Wealth
• Kobus Kleyn, CFP® - Director, Kainos
• Mduduzi Luthuli – Director, Luthuli Capital
• Lizette Gerber, CFP® - Head of Operations, Financial Solutions for Professionals
• André Steenkamp, CFP®- Director, All-Gen Financial Services Group

We will cover a diverse range of topics including:

• Practice Management – starting, building and growing a financial services practice or business
• Business and Personal Branding
• Marketing and Sales
• Technical Knowledge and skills, e.g. tax, estate planning, investment planning, etc.
• Technology solutions for financial professionals
• Staying informed on industry and legislative changes

The weekly episodes will be released on the following portals:


The first episode – featuring André Steenkamp’s inspiring story – is already live. Go to to download it and to join the mailing list.

Why we’re doing it

“We want to connect financial advisers to leaders, doers, and pioneers whose stories and experiences will be the catalyst for exponential growth. We know that sharing with advisers who are in the trenches every day will inspire others to push on through challenges and unknown territory. We want to rekindle the passion that inspired people to become a financial practitioner in the first place and persuade them to embrace ongoing learning, experimentation and innovation” says Francois.

About Francois

Francois du Toit is a leading consultant and trainer to Financial Professionals who has a passion for helping others succeed and professionalising the Financial Services Industry. He has been working in the industry since 1998 and running his own training consultancy for the last 3 years. He has a B.Com degree in Risk Management and has the Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He’s also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and Registered Tax Practitioner through the FPI.

"Francois epitomizes professionalism and is a real asset in our business. He develops not just our new advisers, but our seasoned veterans and qualified advisers alike. He is always available to help. His attention to detail and knowledge on the minutest aspects are incredible. I look forward to working with him going forward to develop our business further, " says André Mocke CFP®, Professionalism and Learning Development Manager, EQ.FIN

For more information contact Francois at [email protected] or call him on 083 275 8368.


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