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Unique new online course for financial advisors launches in South Africa

28 April 2021 Jason Bernic

A unique new online course for financial advisors, called “Insane! Prospecting” has been launched in South Africa in what is an exciting first for the industry.

The 27-module course has been carefully designed to assist financial advisors who want to grow their business through new client acquisitions, and was created and facilitated by Jason Bernic, an Executive Life Coach with a background in financial planning and wealth management that spans nearly two decades.

Bernic, who spent 17 years in Financial Planning and International Wealth Management, explains that he initially only coached financial advisors for seven years before then offering his services to entrepreneurs and business owners. “During my time coaching financial advisors, a common question that came up repeatedly was how to secure new clients. Insane! Prospecting was borne out of this recurring concern and need.”

The course, which carries 25 CPD points, is delivered over 27 comprehensive modules and is the only course of its kind in South Africa - tailored exclusively for financial advisors.

“Prospecting is about getting in front of people, and Insane! Prospecting not only provides financial advisors with 101 ways of doing this but works with them to build the confidence to do so,” says Bernic. “The content-rich course is designed to challenge financial advisors to move out of their comfort zone while, at the same time, providing them with the skills and tools required to create success.”

“It is essential that financial advisors connect with prospective clients and learn what really matters to them. Insane! Prospecting provides advisors with the means and the confidence to do that – helping them secure new clients and grow their businesses. Successful prospecting is not just about what you need to do, but who you need to be.”

Bernic unpacks some of the course content, explaining that attendees will be given all the tools they need to go out and secure new clients.

“The modules are all 100% unique, with content not found anywhere else. Familiar topics such as value proposition and target markets have a fresh, new and practical approach. Exclusive content covers personal narratives, mindset, busting your own excuses and scripted responses to common objections. I introduce a prospecting formula that works, and I help you to navigate a digital world and create virtual presence. The result is that you will walk away with a personalised prospecting plan that you can implement immediately, knowing that you also have the capacity to do so.”

“There is a difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know, and I am obsessed with turning knowledge into action. To this end I have included 6 weeks of support as advisors roll out their plan.”

“I am extremely excited to offer the Insane! Prospecting course to the financial services sector - no one else in South Africa is supporting financial advisors in the prospecting space in quite the same way and I saw a definite need. Through the carefully designed modules I get to combine powerful coaching concepts and methodologies with my own successful prospecting experience and share them with a profession I care deeply about.”

Hand-in-hand with the Insane Prospecting course, Bernic also offers a weekly coaching webinar to financial advisors wanting to grow their client base. The webinars take place via Zoom every Tuesday morning from 11am to 12 noon.

Bernic explains that the prospecting webinars are designed to further support financial advisors. “The webinar is an initiative that I began at the beginning of lockdown to help financial advisors with prospecting in these current tough times. Each session covers strategy and mindset, and more recently hosts relevant guests that can offer value to those advisors with prospecting needs. Just in the last 12 months, the webinar itself shared more than 70 unique prospecting strategies, in addition to the 101 provided in the course. The response and feedback from attendees has been incredible – with some reporting speedy successful client gains.

Financial advisors who are interested in the Insane! Prospecting course as well as the weekly webinars can visit

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