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04 February 2019 LexisNexis



South African Financial
Planning Handbook 2019

Price: R1 265.00
Authors: M Botha, L Rossini, W Geach, B Goodall and L Du Preez. Editor: P Rabenowitz

This is a distinguished reference work for all financial planners, legal advisors, compliance officers and academics. It is prescribed for various post graduate qualifications in financial planning.
•   Commentary on all aspects of financial planning;
References to relevant legislation and cases;
Alerts to important clauses in legislation;
Tables which collate and simplify information;
Relevant examples enabling the reader to apply the information in a practical context

Fundamentals of South
African Trust Law

Price: R 345.00
Authors: F du Toit, BS Smith and A van der Linde

This book explains the basic principles of South African trust law. It provides a concise, yet comprehensive, exposition of the principles underlying South African trust law, but also attends to many issues pertinent to the trust in legal and commercial practice. Concepts are explained in an uncomplicated and straightforward, yet sufficiently comprehensive manner in order for the book to be used as a student text, an introduction to trust law for the practitioner who does not possess a legal qualification, and even as a resource for the experienced legal practitioner and advanced trust law scholar in search of answers to contemporary trust law questions.
Fundamentals of Financial Planning 2019 Financial Calculations
& Worksheets 2018
Corporate & Personal Financial Planning 2019
Price: R690.00 Price: R402.50 Price: R1 000.50
Money Laundering & Terror Financing: Law & Compliance in SA 2019 Essentials of Retirement Fund Management 2019 Concise Guide to Capital Gains Tax 2019
Price: R891.25 Price: R632.50 Price: 402.50
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