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Give your clients certainty in uncertain times

26 March 2020 Capital Legacy

Capital Legacy, the South African fiduciary company that assists more than 6 000 clients each month to draft their Wills and secure protection against the real cost of dying has launched a contact-free consultation process as part of its comprehensive response to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

“Because of the nature of our business, we have always relied on face-to-face consultations to accurately calculate a client’s cost of dying as well as offer a solution in the form of a Legacy Protection Plan™ to indemnify their fees and provide for their family’s immediate cash needs should they pass away,” says CEO of Capital Legacy, Alex Simeonides. “But the outbreak has necessitated that we find new ways of engaging with our clients – as we better understand what we are dealing with, we are better able to find solutions.”

The company has equipped their consultants and staff members to perform all their usual functions over the telephone allowing it to still provide clients with the important service of drafting their Wills.

The consultant conducts a telephonic consultation with the client, talking them through the Will-drafting process and emailing the draft Will to them to sign. The client keeps this safe and emails a signed copy through to the company, to advise on the validity of the Will via email or on a telephone call.

The company has availed a Limited Offer Gold Legacy Protection Plan™ which boosts cover against the legal fees associated with estate administration (Executor, Testamentary Trust and Conveyance Attorney fees) to unlimited protection, for the next six months. This presents clients, who want to take a Legacy Protection Plan™ to cover these fees, with the opportunity to still do so without having a personalised calculation done for their individual estate, at this time.

To make the process as simple as possible during the crisis there are no medical questions, complex disclosures or lengthy questions and answers. The debit order authorisation is received and a simple ‘yes’ over the telephone means the Plan can be issued and cover can commence immediately.

“Importantly, we believe this virus and the crisis it has caused will pass.” says Simeonides. “Our estimate is that it will last a few months, so we have created a ‘boosted’ version of our product as a limited-time offer. The enhanced product will have unlimited cover, for a limited time after which it will revert to the standard Gold – Lite Plan option. This allows enough time to get back to clients and properly engage on a face-to-face basis, collecting the signed Will and giving them the Legacy Protection Plan best suited to them and their family.”

“We have designed it this way to provide clients with a convenient way to guard their legacies during a very uncertain time,” says Simeonides. “It’s time to plan, not panic.”

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