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First ever medical aid comparison mobile broker app

02 July 2019 Werner Coetzer, CEO at MedQuote

Online medical aid comparison website, MedQuote, is excited to announce the release of their new mobile application which is expected to simplify the medical aid comparison and price check process for both brokers and their customers.

The MedQuote Mobile Broker App, available on both Android and Apple smart devices, is the first application of its kind in the industry and offers current and prospective medical scheme members instant access to information about South Africa’s top medical schemes, in one place.

This new App grants brokers and their customers access to a variety of scheme, option, benefit and price information in a comparative format from the palm of their hand. “For the first time, Medical brokers will be able to give their customers a comprehensive overview of their options instantly, no matter where they are, which will help them to make informed decisions when choosing a suitable medical scheme”, says Werner Coetzer, CEO of MedQuote.

There are endless medical aid plans and options available to choose from – hospital plans, hospital plans with a savings account, traditional plans, comprehensive plans or network plans. The selection thereof can be daunting and complicated especially as each option and plan differs in cost.

“Previously, before the MedQuote App, brokers would have been required to do extensive research to assist their clients in finding the best medical aid that meets both their health and budget needs. Now, after completing the once-off, simple registration process on the MedQuote Broker App, brokers are able to compare other similarly designed benefit options and do a medical scheme price comparison with their customer in under five minutes, all on their phone”, adds Coetzer.

MedQuote is already well known and trusted in the industry for assisting their network of brokers with detailed comparison information on their website. Through a simple online referral process, MedQuote helps their broker network to connect customers with accredited Medical Scheme experts. “With the new MedQuote Broker App, this referral process has become 100 times easier. We know that questions about medical aids can pop up anywhere and at any time. Our broker network is now equipped with the tools and information they need to consult with and refer their customers whenever and wherever the need arises”, ends Coetzer

The application is available to download now on both the App Store and Google Play.


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