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South Africa’s most affordable medical aid option launched

21 June 2017 Umvuzo Health
Heinrich Rix, CEO, Rx Health Group of Companies

Heinrich Rix, CEO, Rx Health Group of Companies

Umvuzo Health, the country’s leading restricted low-cost medical scheme launched the all-new Activator Option during the unveiling of their exciting new brand. Both the new Umvuzo Health brand and the new Activator Option created great interest and a welcome relief for those earning less than R3 850 a month.

During Umvuzo Health’s rebrand launch, ARC Health, the healthcare subsidiary of African Rainbow Capital (launched in October 2016) announced their investment in the Rx Health Group of Companies, a significant service provider to Umvuzo Health.

“Umvuzo Health’s Activator Option, will enter the medical scheme industry at a monthly contribution of R490 per member. This Option has rich benefits inclusive of private hospitalisation giving private cover to minimum wage earners. This is a long overdue solution which will give welcome relief to the overburdened public healthcare sector,” says Rx Health Group of Companies CEO, Heinrich Rix.

Rix added that, “Despite initiatives aimed at creating affordable low-cost healthcare, medical schemes have remained inaccessible to a large majority of South Africans. This is the first real low-income medical scheme option that includes not only the statutory Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs), but also provides private healthcare cover. Previously uncovered lives can now access mainstream private healthcare.”

With the unveiling of the new Umvuzo Health brand on 14 June 2017, Umvuzo Health also reaffirmed their ongoing commitment to the members they serve. Umvuzo Health expressed their intention to play a significant role in ensuring economic empowerment of their members by expanding their product offering.

Rix added, “Somewhere along our journey, we felt a shift was required. We felt we could become something else. Something bigger than what we were whilst maintaining our core values. We are not a traditional company. Profits are not our primary focus. We care most about how we can serve the Umvuzo Health members in the best possible way. At the core of our business, Umvuzo Health is a people’s brand and it will continue to remain so. We are steadfastly committed to going the extra mile to make sure that Umvuzo Health’s members are taken care of in the best possible way.”

Umvuzo Health has embraced the value of rewarding life and believes that all its members should through their loyalty, prosper and be given the quality care that they deserve. 

For any interest in Umvuzo Health contact: 

Anina Visagie
Tel: 012 845 0000

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