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Resolution unveils market diversification plans

10 October 2007 Resolution

Rapidly growing and diversifying Johannesburg based company Resolution, which has made its mark in the medical insurance environment over the past few years, has unveiled a range of additional and diverse product offerings along with its healthcare benefits for 2008.

These include; the introduction of a medical insurance offering for expatriots, diversification into other insurance markets and additional healthcare benefits across all its healthcare options.

Expat, a Goodhealth product which is distributed in South Africa through Resolution, offers comprehensive medical cover and a wide range of supporting services that are not bound by borders and are completely portable. Forming part of the policy is an emergency evacuation benefit and access to 24-hour support on a global basis, ensuring prompt transport to an appropriate facility when necessary.

UK-based Goodhealth, which has offices in various countries around the world, is a world leader in international medical insurance with more than 25 years experience. Its staff are fluent in several languages, deliver expert advice, as well as provide enhanced policy administration and claims support, utilizing their extensive international medical knowledge.

As part of the company's diversification, Resolution Insurance Company Ltd has also been established as a separate entity and will cater for a niche market with insurance products that include: accident and health insurance; specialized commercial insurance; consumer protection insurance; travel insurance; legal advice and expenses insurance; micro insurance; cash-in-transit insurance and other products.

In addition, Resolution has announced the initiation of a Law for All legal insurance benefit for members, which provides 24-hour access to legal advice and legal representation for a number of eventualities.

Earlier this year, signaling its intent to broaden into new markets, Resolution launched 1st for Motor and Household, an innovative new facility that enables people to swiftly source and evaluate up to 9 insurance quotes from a variety of reputable insurers in little more than a minute; after which an integrated system will ensure that the contract is signed and sealed in a speedy fashion.
An added feature to the repertoire has been the launch in August of an in-house travel agency, Voila!travel, which offers discounted luxury travel packages for domestic and international destinations that are available exclusively to Voila! wellness and loyalty members; as well as additional packages which are available to Resolution Health members and the public.

The ever popular HealthCard, a personal electronic savings card for medical expense provision and which is not bound to any medical scheme, has introduced an added convenient credit facility which assists in cases where insufficient funds are available in your medical savings account.

"We are also investigating the introduction of other insurance-related products and services for which we feel there is a need in the South African market place," said Resolutions managing director, Bennie de Beer.

Meanwhile, healthcare benefits for 2008 will receive a boost with the introduction of a preventative care programme, an emergency casualty benefit, a case management intensive HIV programme, improved oncology benefits, access to private hospitals across all four option plans, and increased dental, optometry and confinement benefits.

Significantly, the new Preventative Care programme, which is aimed specifically at the prevention or early detection of medical conditions, covers a wide range of measures including blood pressure testing, blood sugar monitoring, cholesterol testing, HIV testing, child immunization, mammograms, pap smears and prostate tests, and is available across the schemes four options, subject to annual limits.

A two pronged approach to the management of HIV is the focus of the new HIV programme and deals both with prevention of infection, and care for those infected. The CareWorks programme which is designed to monitor, manage and facilitate a treatment plan for HIV positive patients, offers ongoing counseling, individual case management and preventative therapy for related diseases. In addition, a programme for Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) provides for medical consultations, blood tests, anti-retroviral therapy and other services for people who are accidentally exposed to the HIV virus.

"Resolution is committed to giving our members rand-for-rand value, and we have tried to ensure a real increase in benefits to our members without any hidden benefit sacrifices or red herrings", said Resolution Health MD, Dr Duncan Laurenson, stressing that Resolutions options Hospital Plan, Fundamental Plan, Progressive Plan and Prestige Plan remain amongst the most affordable medical insurance options in South Africa.


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