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More rand value for health spend in 2021

05 October 2020 Health Squared Medical Scheme
Bianca Viljoen, Spokesperson for Health Squared Medical Scheme

Bianca Viljoen, Spokesperson for Health Squared Medical Scheme

Health Squared enhances benefit richness where it counts and unveils new option

Friday 2 October 2020, Health Squared Medical Scheme has recently lifted the lid on how it will ensure that members are covered from every angle in 2021 and beyond.

Commenting on the latest cost-saving options and choices on offer, Bianca Viljoen, spokesperson for Health Squared, said members can look forward to demonstrable rand value, real value propositions and a number of exciting new product features in the coming benefit year.

“This past year has clearly shown that the time has come to think differently about health and healthcare cover. Medical scheme members and corporate clients are increasingly looking for tangible value and quantifiable benefits and that is exactly what we are bringing to the table in 2021. This has required innovative, sustainable benefit design that enhances cover in areas where it means the most to our members,” she notes.

Health Squared Medical Scheme is renowned for its innovation, particularly with its hybrid options and its newly launched Prosper option is once again in a league of its own. Geared towards the needs of young growing families it is the perfect choice for members who want a true value proposition that ensures their health is fully covered with a medical savings account that is supplemented by traditional benefits.

“Global research has revealed that many staff members returning to work following the pandemic are under considerable mental pressure. Financial troubles, concerns about loved ones and fears associated with possibly contracting Covid-19, weigh heavily on employees. In South Africa the situation is exacerbated by extremely high unemployment levels and a struggling economy.

The pandemic has heightened awareness of the importance of any company’s most valuable asset, its people. To meet this vital need Health Squared has further refined its Employee Wellness Programme (EAP).

“The Scheme, which provides free unlimited access to telephonic support in crucial areas including health advice, psychosocial counselling, financial and legal assistance, stands alone when it comes to providing this additional service to employers and their staff. This is a vitally important benefit at this time, as it ensures employees are comprehensively covered in terms of their health and mental wellness. The EAP programme supports employee wellness by addressing sources of stress that could otherwise become unmanageable and impact the physical health and other aspects of the lives of employees,” notes Viljoen.

In another new development, the rewards programme has been revamped and refreshed and is now offered free of charge to all members.

Putting more rand value into members’ pockets, the free core Agility Rewards programme has been re-charged with the following new benefits that include:
• 15c off every litre of fuel purchased at Engen garages;
• appreciable discounts on gym membership;
• 30% off air travel, education courses, online and grocery shopping and dining out at leading rewards partners.

The new Agility Rewards Platinum programme allows members to earn immediate cash-in-pocket rewards of up to R40 000 per annum, as well as 30c cash back per litre of fuel purchased and many other benefits that add value for members.

“There are no points structures, this rewards programme is as simple as living your best life and earning cash back. This means cash back on gym membership fees and educational courses, earning cash for activities such as playing golf regularly, making use of a fitness device, taking part in outdoor sporting events and having routine health screenings. Rewards can be used to pay healthcare providers, and during the turbulent times of lockdown Health Squared members were even able to pay their membership fees with their cash back rewards – a further demonstration of how a highly integrated solution creates actual, tangible rand value for members.”

The Scheme announced a competitive weighted average contribution increase of 6.2%. This increase factors in projections that include the possible trajectory of subsequent waves of Covid-19, while adding significant value through retaining and building benefit richness.

According to Viljoen, the core need for healthcare lies predominantly within the realm of primary healthcare where a tremendous difference can be made for most members. “In support of this we are allowing members to choose, when registering, whether they prefer using network providers for General Practitioner, physiotherapist or psychologist consultations. In this way they can unlock more appointments, thereby creating additional value.

“An individual on the Prosper option, for example, would ordinarily have access to four consultations, however by selecting network providers they would get two more appointments added to their benefit at no additional cost and with no co-payments. For a family of three or more, instead of the standard nine consultations families will instead receive 13 doctor, physiotherapy or psychologist consultations for the year,” suggests Viljoen.

“Ensuring members are able to take good care of their health significantly reduces the chances that they will develop more severe health complications in future. Many of our corporate clients have chosen to partner with Health Squared for just this reason, recognising the strategic business value of proactively protecting human assets from preventable health and wellness risks.”

“Our carefully crafted value proposition for 2021 illustrates that there is no need to compromise on care, whatever level of healthcare cover is required. We have developed affordable, highly flexible options to suit the needs of any individual, family or employer group,” Viljoen concludes.


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