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Momentum Health keeps increases low and benefits high for 2013

20 September 2012 Momentum Health
Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing and Sales for Momentum Health

Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing and Sales for Momentum Health

Momentum Health’s average contribution increase for its membership as a whole has been set at only 7.9% for 2013. The average employer, however, may experience varying increases taking into account that increases differ per option and the option distribut

Many employers will be able to lower their respective increase by utilizing the unique benefit design of the Scheme without necessarily decreasing benefits. The Scheme offers unique product features, such as Provider Choice and HealthSaver, which enable members to tailor their increases to better match their needs and level of affordability.

In addition, new benefit enhancements were introduced and benefit limits increased on all options.

Damian McHugh, Head of Marketing and Sales for Momentum Health, says: “In 2012 the Scheme made significant strides in the areas of product innovation, financial strength, and superior service, making it a formidable player in private healthcare. In 2013 we will be building on our success with a continued focus on safeguarding the interests of our members and enabling better and more innovative solutions to address their wellbeing.”


Benefit enhancements for 2013 include the addition of an antenatal visit (paid for by the Scheme) on two of its lower end options, and the provision of doula benefits on all options as an alternative to the use of a midwife for home births.

The Scheme will also introduce its own primary healthcare provider networks for two of its options to service the out-of-hospital needs of those members.

More GP Benefits with HealthReturns in 2013

Momentum Health’s benefit philosophy strongly endorses the notion that prevention is better than cure and therefore encourages its members to follow an active, healthy lifestyle.

Momentum’s HealthReturns programme has truly innovated a new approach to active and healthy living. This popular offering that is available to Momentum Health members on the Access, Custom, Incentive, Extender and Summit options has been further enhanced for 2013. Members who maintain the top two activity levels for three consecutive months will earn additional GP visits (between 1 and 4 visits, depending on their option) to use within the subsequent 12-month period. This benefit is in addition to the HealthReturns (of up to R5 400 per adult per year) that members will still be earning and which will be paid even more frequently – on a monthly basis – in the coming year.

New low income offering

“2013 will also see the launch of our new offering for employers needing cover for their low-income employees,” says McHugh. “Within the current medical scheme legislative environment, and in the absence of a fully implemented National Health Insurance, access to quality healthcare remains unaffordable to the majority of South Africans. Momentum’s new low income offering will enable employers to offer a holistic, cost-effective healthcare solution to all their employees, thereby helping reduce absenteeism and create a healthier, more productive work environment.”

Celebrating a milestone year

Momentum Health also recently celebrated a growth in its principal membership beyond the 100000 mark. Having achieved an average annual growth rate in excess of 10% since 2005 with its membership doubling over the same period, the Scheme is considered one of the fastest growing schemes in the open medical scheme market.

“With a future-focused product philosophy in place, we are confident that we will remain the best choice for private healthcare consumers into the future,” says McHugh.

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