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Discovery Health offers members financial security and cost-efficient access to quality healthcare

11 September 2009 Discovery Health

· Headline contribution increase of 9.8% within CPIX + 3% benchmark

· Total membership is now over 2 million lives

· Members’ reserves in the Discovery Health Medical Scheme at over R6 billion, keeping its solvency level at higher than 25%.

· The DHMS has an AA+ rating from Global Credit Ratings for claims paying ability

· All benefits have been maintained and enhanced

· Benefit enhancements announced to reduce gaps in cover for out of hospital expenses

Discovery Health today announced a 9.8% overall contribution increase, accompanied by a number of benefit enhancements for 2010 for members of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme, the country’s largest open medical scheme.

During a period characterised by economic uncertainty where financial security and value-for-money are important concerns for medical scheme members:

· The Discovery Health Medical Scheme added almost R1 billion to member reserves, so that members enjoy peace of mind about its claims paying ability

· The scheme reached its technical solvency level of 25% in 2008, ensuring it meets the statutory requirement.

· A value-for-money analysis has shown that Discovery Health’s exit price is approximately 10% below the industry average in all market segments

· The Discovery Health Medical Scheme grew by 720 000 families over the past 10 years

· The KeyCare Plans, the fastest growing low-income product in the industry, has grown to cover 240 000 members – Discovery Health estimates that as many as 60% of these members were previously uninsured.

“We are committed to offering members’ financial security, sustainability and value for money, particularly in these recessionary times, and we are pleased that the key metrics reflect consistent delivery for our members,” Neville Koopowitz, Discovery Health’s Chief Executive said.

Discovery Health also announced a series of enhancements for members which leverage network assets to optimise cover for members, increase the breadth of funding for highly specialised treatments and enhance consumer engagement in managing healthcare. These benefit enhancements will take effect on 1 January 2010.

They include:

· The Insured Network Benefit, which will provide full cover for GP consultations and pathology in the Discovery Health networks, even after members have depleted their Medical Savings Account

· The enhanced Discovery Health Oncology benefit, which will provide access to the latest medical technology with no overall limits

· The Discovery Health Patient Record and Discovery Health MaPS (medical and provider search), which will provide access to state-of-the-art online tools to help members positively engage in their healthcare and maximise their medical scheme benefits. The Discovery Health Patient Record makes members’ personal medical records easily and securely accessible to them, while Discovery Health MaPS help members find healthcare providers within Discovery Health’s networks.

· For Discovery Health members on Vitality, there is an opportunity to unlock additional savings to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. Members who make healthy nutrition a part of their lifestyle can now convert their HealthyFood™ savings into tangible medical benefits. The Medical Savings Booster, Vitality offers DiscoveryCard holders the opportunity to increase their HealthyFood™ saving by as much as three times to fund their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

See for a summary of all benefit changes for 2010.

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