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Bonitas Medical Fund launches new products for 2009

09 September 2008 Bonitas Medical Fund

Bonitas Medical Fund today announced the launch of its news product portfolio for 2009 based on new rates and limits set for the financial period.

“Medical schemes need to adjust benefits on an annual basis to ensure they do not lose value in real terms, consequently contributions are also required to increase each year with inflation,” explains Katy Caldis, executive director at Bonitas Marketing.

“But despite the high inflationary environment and economic uncertainty Bonitas has managed to develop a range of products that remain competitive and offer value to our clients, with the Council of Medical Schemes approving Bonitas’ products before the launch, ” she adds.

Bonitas Medical Fund’s products benefit from the company’s 26 years of experience in developing and refining the schemes offerings. The fund has also been awarded the Top Brand award in the medical aid category in this year’s consumer survey conducted by IPSOS Markinor and Sunday Times.

“The award reaffirms Bonitas Medical Fund’s position as a non-elitist medical aid that is accessible to all in terms of pricing and simplicity of offerings,” says Caldis. “Bonitas also sports a solvency percentage rate of 48 percent in a market where schemes are legally required to have a solvency level of 25 percent and the average is 37.8 percent. Bonitas stakeholders can thus have peace of mind that the scheme financially very sound.

Bonitas submitted its product portfolio to the Council of Medial Aids early and received a pre-launch approval of all rules and benefits for 2009.

“Bonitas Medical Fund remains committed to providing cost effective cover to our members and maintain low non-healthcare costs compared to the rest of the market,” says Caldis.

“Bonitas has been a well kept secret in the market until now. The company has been successful over the last year, but going forward will focus on marketing and making our market-leading offerings available to more South Africans.”

With decades of experience and careful planning, Bonitas Medial Fund is proud to present its product portfolio for 2009.

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