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Bonitas Announces Benefit Improvements for 2010

08 December 2009 Bonitas
Gerhard Van Emmenis, Chief Principal Officer of Bonitas

Gerhard Van Emmenis, Chief Principal Officer of Bonitas

Fund announces the launch of BonEssential

Bonitas Medical Fund has announced a Council of Medical Schemes approved contributions increase of 14% for 2010. Gerhard Van Emmenis, Chief Principal Officer of Bonitas, says the increase is well below what we had initially anticipated would be possible, given inflationary pressures that we all face.

The scheme has also announced that it will be launching a new Hospital plan package, called BonEssential. The new package, will provide a range of essential services at a highly affordable rate, and will be aimed at people who are generally in good health but who require cover for major medical events, chronic medication and dentistry. It is being introduced as a way of making affordable, value-for-money medical aid accessible to all South Africans.

“BonEssential will offer cover for emergency and hospital treatment, major health events and essential dentistry, and will cater for all prescribed minimum benefits or PMBs,” says Van Emmenis. “It will cover unlimited in-hospital care at 200% of the standard rate, any take-out medication that may be prescribed on discharge, chronic medication for 24 conditions, and routine dental care.”

As the package will have no savings option, it will basically be an added-value hospital plan. Members will have to meet their own day-to-day medical expenses, such as the cost of GP consultations and normal prescription medication, but will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are fully covered for accidents, scheduled surgeries, dread diseases, chronic conditions, essential dentistry and such major health events as heart attacks.

Bonitas remains dedicated to providing value-for-money medical cover that is accessible to all South Africans, he says.

“We will continue to work smart in order to ensure that our members will always be able to depend on Bonitas for sensibly-structured, affordable medical aid packages.”

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