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Bestmed: Again at the forefront of customer satisfaction

30 September 2021 Bestmed Medical Scheme

Bestmed Medical Scheme’s 2021 results in Consulta’s South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SA-csi) have once again placed the Scheme at the forefront of customer experience in the South African medical scheme industry.

“Bestmed performed exceptionally well, emerging as the leader in the overall Customer Satisfaction Index well above industry par. Bestmed also takes the lead in the value index by a significant margin on the industry par and is well ahead of all other schemes,” states Ineke Prinsloo, Head of Customer Insights at Consulta.

The SA-csi is an independent international benchmark of customer satisfaction. Bestmed was measured alongside five other large medical schemes using a multi-variate model. Weighted indices include perceived quality and value, customer expectations and satisfaction, customer complaint incidence and handling, and customer loyalty.

Perceived quality and value
Bestmed leads the way with overall scores of 83.2 for perceived quality (industry average is 79.4) and 74.1 for perceived value (industry average is 70.5). The perceived quality index measures a customer's experience of the Scheme's quality of service and products, while the perceived value index measures quality relative to the price paid.

Customer expectations and satisfaction
The customer expectations index measures a customer's anticipation of the Scheme's products and services. Bestmed ranked first with a score of 83.7 for customer expectations (industry average is 82.2).

Customer satisfaction is a weighted average of overall satisfaction with a product or service; the degree to which a product or service has met, fallen short of or exceeded expectations, and how a product or service compares to a customer's idea of the ideal product or service. Bestmed leads with an overall customer satisfaction of 81.2 (industry average is 77.1)

Customer complaint incidence and handling
Bestmed once again received the lowest number of complaints in the industry with a score of 11.6. The metrics used to determine this score include the percentage of customers who placed a complaint and a rating of how effectively the Scheme dealt with their complaint.

Customer loyalty
The customer loyalty index measures a customer's likelihood to repurchase a product or service in the future, as well as price tolerance. Bestmed's overall loyalty index is top of the industry, with a 68.9 score (industry average is 65.7), with 74.4% (also the highest in the industry) of customers likely to repurchase.

Bestmed’s Personally Yours promise
“Consistency in how you deliver to your customers, whether in product or service, is imperative for any organisation who wants to stand out. Bestmed has done that. They've delivered consistently,” states Prinsloo.

Bestmed strives to keep its Personally Yours promise to deliver quality services and products that are value for money to continue to be South Africa’s medical scheme of choice when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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