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Affinity Health Announces Their Benefits for 2021

31 March 2021 Affinity Health
Affinity Benefits 2021

Affinity Benefits 2021

Affinity Health's boosted range of benefits are designed to create an ideal balance between affordability, high quality of care, and reliable health insurance.

Dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of South Africans, Affinity Health has ushered in a new wave of benefits for members during these challenging times. These benefits include trauma support and counselling, around-the-clock emergency ambulance services, and programmes specifically designed for those living with chronic conditions.

Affinity Health’s updated offering continues to include day-to-day benefits such as:

• The Diabetes Management Programme assists members in managing their diabetes condition and provides them with tools to improve their overall health.
• An HIV/AIDS programme caters to the medical and lifestyle needs of members living with HIV/AIDS and provides them with suitable treatment and tools to live a healthy life.
• Affinity Health’s Chronic Essential Medication Benefit covers 24 specific chronic conditions according to the Affinity Chronic Medication Formulary.
• Affinity's Maternity All-Inclusive Service Option gives members residing in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, and Polokwane access to The Birthing Team, a specialised and partnered maternity programme.

Affinity Health’s updated offering continues to include hospital benefits such as:

• The Motor Vehicle Accident Benefit offers assistance with claiming from the Road Accident Fund. Affinity Health has a network of attorneys that will assess the accident at no cost to the member and will facilitate any reimbursement from the Road Accident Fund on behalf of the member.
• 24/7 emergency medical advice, ambulance services, inter-hospital transfers, hospital pre-authorisation, and arranging for payment guarantees to the treating facility.
• Telephonic trauma support and counselling by a professional and dedicated staff member for any of the following events: sexual assault, crime, trauma-related gender-based violence, death, attempted suicide, and domestic violence.
• Trauma Cover for conditions relating to paraplegia, quadriplegia, severe burns, internal and external head injuries, polytrauma, and loss of limb.
• Workmen's Compensation Benefit offers cover for occupational-related injuries or diseases. Affinity Health also offers third-party recovery services, such as advice and administrative assistance, keeping the member updated on the claim's progress.

In addition to the above, Affinity Health has also increased its benefits for serious illness, including heart attacks, third-degree heart blocks, strokes, and cancer, and included an optional booster should members wish to increase the amount provided under the Accident Hospital Cover benefit.

Members also can choose a combined plan, which includes both day-to-day benefits (GP visits, optometry, pathology, radiology, dentistry and more) and hospital plans at discounted rates.

"Affinity Health is committed to continuously evolving our products to offer maximum benefits to our members," says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.

"Our expanded range of benefits are proof of Affinity Health's wider commitment to addressing all the health care needs of South Africans."

For more information about benefits, please consult the Affinity Health Benefit Guides.

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