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TAGGA - Proactive Searchable Stolen Goods Database

26 March 2009 TAGGA

TAGGA - Proactive Searchable Stolen goods Database is _now free_ to all South African residents - a true community service, with an interest to reduce crime in South Africa.

TAGGA aims to /kill the illegal second hand/ market and so prevent crime. by allowing people to add their items to TAGGA database before the items are even stolen. The proactive system allows registered second hand dealers to ascertain whether people trying to sell second hand goods are actually their own possesions and not stolen.

TAGGA is a website where you can securely list serial numbers of your goods.

Anyone wishing to purchase second hand goods can search the TAGGA database (for free) and check if the goods have been stolen before purchasing any goods off the street.

The Second Hand goods Bill will soon make it */compulsory/* for second hand dealers to give their best effort in order to verify that goods are not stolen before they are purchased off the streets. Serial numbers of the stolen items that are registered on TAGGA are also searchable in the Google search engine allowing any person to use Google to search whether an item is stolen.

Second hand dealers throughout South Africa can use TAGGA for free in order to search the database to ensure that they don't lose their money through buying goods that might be stolen property.

No one can search your private details!

See here for more details on how TAGGA works and how to register:

If everyone puts their belongings on the system before they get stolen then we can reduce crime by killing the /illegal /second hand goods market!

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