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Newly Released SA National Crime Statistics – Commendable Yet Concerning

15 September 2010 Securitas

The South African business community, political parties, analysts and the public have welcomed the release of the latest crime statistics which show some positive results in the ongoing effort to eradicate crime. Most encouraging to note is that violent crime such as murders, street robberies and sexual-crimes are on the decline.

As allies in the struggle against crime, SECURITAS would like to salute the South African law-enforcement agencies responsible and offer them our support and solidarity as we continue to develop a safe and secure South Africa for all our citizens.

The statistics do however reveal certain disturbing trends. Figures reveal that commercial crimes showed a marked year-on-year increase of 8.1%, robberies at non-residential premises also increased by 4.4% and most frighteningly, 18,786 household robberies took place over the last year. The fact that these premises usually ‘benefit’ from the services of private security firms alludes to a truly shocking trend.

“It is well-known that the local security industry is dangerously under-regulated” said Lance Harris, Divisional Manager of the SECURITAS Tactical Division. “In an industry of approximately 5000 companies, the top 20 companies have only 10% of the market share. This leaves a lot of room for fly-by-night companies who offer little or no value to their clients and the public good. Indeed, these unscrupulous operators often do more harm than good.”

SECURITAS intends to revive the integrity of the local security industry and as the world-wide security industry leader (12% of global market-share) will offer an unbeatable combination of international best practices combined with true South African ingenuity from their local acquisitions and knowledge base.

Lance Harris reiterated, “Crime is adaptive – we have analyzed the trends and are in the best possible position to respond to and overcome these threats while serving our communities with Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness”.

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