Two million members of the SA workforce are on sick leave today

08 February 2024 Unu Health

More than 2 million members of the SA workforce are on sick leave, while 85% of the SA population do not have access to private healthcare

In today's competitive business landscape, maintaining a productive and healthy workforce is crucial for long-term success. Yet in South Africa, a staggering 15% of the workforce is currently on sick leave, with absenteeism rates more than triple the global average. The average global absenteeism is 3.75 days per working year with South African numbers being more than triple at between 8 to 15 days per working year.

Close to 85% of the population do not have access to private healthcare, leaving more than 50+ million South Africans to rely on State healthcare resources. This trend not only hampers productivity but also emphasises the urgent need for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions for all.

Role of Brokers in Addressing Healthcare Disparities
This is where the role of brokers in the healthcare landscape becomes pivotal. Traditionally, employee benefit programmes have favoured upper-income brackets, leaving lower-income workers with inadequate access to quality healthcare. This not only impacts workforce well-being but also perpetuates income inequality and employee turnover. Brokers and intermediaries now have the opportunity to offer their clients/companies comprehensive end-to-end healthcare solutions that cater to the needs of every employee, regardless of income level.

Revolutionising Healthcare Access with Digital Platforms
Digital health platforms are revolutionising the landscape of healthcare access and management, providing individuals with convenient, affordable, and quality-driven healthcare services at their fingertips. One such platform, Unu Health, is empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being by connecting them to the care they need.

Empowering Brokers with Digital Health Platforms
These platforms transform client engagement by offering personalised health resources and interactive tools. By analysing user data, brokers can tailor services effectively, anticipate health risks, and offer proactive solutions. Digital platforms also streamline administrative tasks, allowing brokers to focus on delivering high-value services. Additionally, brokers can offer a range of value-added services like tele-health and wellness programmes, addressing clients' holistic health needs.

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