Leveraging telehealth to understand and manage absenteeism in the workplace

07 July 2023 Eagle Intelligent Health

In today's fast-paced and demanding modern workplace, employees face numerous challenges, balancing multiple responsibilities while striving to meet rising expectations.

However, these challenges come at a cost, with absenteeism posing a significant burden on the South African economy, estimated at around R12 - R16 billion per year according to Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA).

To address this pressing issue, corporate wellness programs have gained tremendous significance. Employers now realise the need to invest in their employees' health, recognising that a healthy workforce leads to improved productivity and reduced absenteeism. One initiative that exemplifies this commitment is Corporate Wellness Week, which emphasises the importance of employee well-being within organisations.

During Corporate Wellness Week, companies dedicate focused attention to their employees' physical and mental health. This initiative often includes a range of activities and resources aimed at promoting well-being, such as workshops, fitness challenges, mental health seminars, and access to healthcare services. By fostering a supportive environment and providing tools to manage and prioritise health, employers empower their employees to thrive in the face of workplace challenges.

Moreover, as we celebrate Savings Month, it becomes even more crucial for companies to invest in their employees' health. While healthcare costs can be a significant financial burden for individuals and families, promoting access to affordable and quality healthcare services is paramount. By implementing corporate wellness programs and embracing innovative solutions like telehealth, employers can offer cost-effective healthcare options that enable employees to prioritise their health without experiencing financial strain.

Telehealth provides the perfect solution by offering a wide range of medical services delivered remotely, bridging the gap between medical expertise and affordability. According to Arvind Raichur, co-founder and CEO of telehealth start-up Eagle Intelligent Health, telehealth not only revolutionises access to healthcare but also enables employers to better manage and understand their workforce by gaining insight into their employees' health needs.

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