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Broker, UMA and insurer administration systems

22 October 2019

We asked the questions for you FAnews has published a DIGIMAG which has a special focus on Broker, UMA and insurer administration systems.

In this DIGIMAG, you as a broker, UMA or insurer can gauge a better understanding of some of the administration systems available in the market.

Here are some of the questions we have got answered for you:

• An overview of all the modules that a system offers to the target market.

• How much independence and control does your client have over the system?

• What portal functions does your system support?

• What self-service functionalities does your system allow?

• Which type of data extract tools are available?

• What continuous support and self-service tools does your client have access to?

• Can your system be integrated with third-party providers and their software?

• How do you keep up with compliance requirements?


Click on the image below to view / download or print the Digimag.


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In terms of vicarious liability, damages should not be borne by companies in all conditions, but only in those circumstances which it is reasonable for them to do so. Do you agree?


Yes, damages should only be borne by companies in those circumstances which it is reasonable for them to do so.
No. If there is a sufficiently close link between the employee’s acts and the purposes and business of the employer, the employer should be held liable for delicts committed by their employees.
As long as the employee is acting within the course and scope of his or her duty… the employer will be held liable.
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