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Compuscan SA Establishes Compuscan Direct

15 October 2008 Compuscan

Compuscan South Africa, a leader of credit management solutions in Africa, announces the establishment of Compuscan Direct.

Compuscan Direct’s value adding business proposition is to provide expert advice and software solutions to prospective Credit Bureau Operators.

According to Mr. Remo Lenisa, Managing Director, “Compuscan have developed a scalable, portable and resilient credit bureau platform that we are now able to use as a standard platform to ensure rapid deployment of credit bureau solutions in any new market. In addition, we offer exceptional consultancy service to our partners, sharing the management know-how and diverse operational experience we have gained across the diverse lending markets of Africa.”

Mr. Lenisa also stated that “As Compuscan Direct, we are keen on fostering and improving the credit reporting industry in emerging economies, becoming the preferred choice for Central Banks, Banking associations and entrepreneurial groups that wish to develop Credit Bureau initiatives.”

“Our aim is to assist our partners through the whole Credit Bureau Life Cycle, providing technology, and consultancy and value added products to establish a long term business relationships”.

“The establishment of a Credit Bureau service,” he continued, “presents issues that are diverse and many. The Credit Bureau operator shall have the ability to assemble efficient regulatory, technical and commercial aspects. These may include: Data acquisition strategy, product mix, legislation compliance and changes, data quality and security measures, consumer sensitivity, IT resilience and scalability, integration with lenders’ front-end system, pricing strategy and service development road-map, and we believe we have the know-how and expertise to fulfill these needs”.

“In terms of management, we are also very pleased to welcome Roberto Giannantoni, who will be responsible for managing Compuscan Direct, to the Compuscan team. Roberto has long standing experience in the Credit Bureau sector and he will endorse Compuscan’s commitment to support and diligence in walking the extra mile with our clients.

Our partnerships signifies our growth, thus making our clients’ needs our number one priority in establishing credit bureaus for developing markets.”, Mr. Lenisa concluded.

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