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Seven days left… to the end of the CPD cycle

24 May 2019 Rianet Whitehead

It’s the final countdown… you have seven days left as we approach the end of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) cycle, and the deadline for the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) CPD, which is 31 May 2019.

For those that still require CPD hours we remind you that CPD can take place in many different ways. Some of these ways include reading and self-study, of which FAnews offers! 

The FAnews publications will satisfy your financial planning and insurance curriculum, notwithstanding the fact that all our CPD content meets FAIS requirements and will satisfy all Classes of Business.

Claim up to three CPD hours per FAnews edition

FAnews offers you IISA (Insurance Institute of South Africa) or FPI (Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa) approved CPD hours. 

Our CPD platform is user-friendly, simple to register and seamless. You do not have to be an IISA or FPI member to complete the CPD hours by FAnews, it is simply approved by them. To register online to obtain your CPD hours simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go onto our website,;
  2. On the light grey bar, click on the CPD;
  3. Scroll down to where you need to register/login;
  4. Register by filling in your personal details;
  5. Once you have registered you will receive an email, please note it may take a few hours for the email with the link to come through to you, once you receive it please click on the link in the email to complete the registration; and
  6. Log-in using your email and password.

Once you have logged in, click on what you would like to complete and what is relevant to you, download the edition or read it online, and answer the multiple-choice questions related to each article listed and click submit.

Short term (IISA approved)

Long term (FPI approved)

Additional - The Insurance Apprentice (short term)

In order to receive your CPD hours, you are required to complete all the questionnaires per edition. However, if you get one or more questions wrong you can try again. If you have questionnaires that you started but never completed, you can click on uncompleted questionnaires and once you have done the questions, click on View completed. To get your certificate, click on ‘download’ certificate, then you can print your certificate and hand it to your compliance officer. You need to get 100% to pass.

We do send records to the IISA at the end of each month, so if you are an IISA member, we will send it directly to them. 

Please note after the 31 May deadline, all the FAnews and TIA articles will be removed from the CPD system as you can only do articles etc. that are relevant to the current CPD cycle. 

FAnews Hub- an added cost effective CPD service

On top of our free offering, we have a digital CPD service for financial professionals, especially those specializing in investments and life. All of our readers can easily access accredited CPD content in the form of videos, podcasts and reading, off their phones, tablets or PCs, both online and offline. This unique service also allows users to aggregate CPD points from multiple CPD service providers, to manage an efficient centralised CPD scorecard, like a competence register. 

All the content available on the CPD Hub is accredited by the FPI and IOBSA, and verifiable through the online assessments at the end of each module. Upon completion of each assessment, users will receive a certificate. Depending on the package you choose off the HUB, the certification may be aggregated into one concise CPD certificate or a central register as available via the platinum package to make life easier. 

For as little as R499, you can access the RDR podcast series by Kobus Klein and earn three CPD hours by listening to one of the most relevant regulatory topics affecting all FSP’s today. Here you will be also exposed to 20 diversified investment strategies (traditional, passive, boutique), delivered by award-winning asset managers ensuring you are better informed about investing. You will also be able to access the FAnews publications. 

Click here to visit the FAnews CPD HUB and get started with the mandatory Ethics and Practice Standards (three to five hours). 

A reminder of what is required

If you have more than one Class of Business, Key Individuals, Representatives and those under supervision will require 18 verifiable FAIS CPD hours. The attendance of CPD accredited events must be supported with a valid accredited CPD certificate from an accredited CPD provider, based on the time spent being educated. Any online activity like watching videos that clock-up CPD hours must also comply with the inclusion of a mandatory assessment in order to award the accredited, verifiable CPD certificate. Make sure the service providers you have partnered with offer the assessment so that you earn your verifiable CPD points. 

Remember whether you are a category I, II, IIA, III or IV, you will need up to 18 verifiable FAIS CPD hours each year, which must include professional hours and at least three regulatory hours on Ethics and Practice Standards (only applicable to FPI members). 

If you are a CFP, FSA, AFA or RFP you will need 35 CPD hours, 18 of which must be FAIS. The CAs and CFAs too will need 20 verifiable CPD hours, over and above the FAIS requirements each year. 

FAnews is here to support you

FAnews is here to support you as you progress with your career, and on your journey in professional development. 

If you would like assistance with registration for CPD hours or anything related to obtaining your CPD hours, please feel free to contact us on 011 768 2299. 

Editor’s Thoughts:
If you have not obtained all of your CPD hours, you still have time! As D-Day fast approaches, we are expecting a bit of a system overload so choose your time well when you embark on this journey and let’s try and get those CPD hours in. FAnews offers three CPD hours per edition… all for free! Hurry and claim yours now. Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts

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