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Easy online CPD solution for financial professionals

12 March 2020 FAnews CPD HUB

The 31st May deadline for FAIS CPD is not far away. All financial professionals who need to remain Fit & Proper according to the FAIS Act will need up to between 8 and 35 CPD hours for the year which should include at least 3 hours on Ethics and Practice Standards. If you have more than one Class of Business, all Key Individuals, Representatives and those under supervision will each likely require 18 FAIS CPD hours.

Reaching the 18-hour requirement is time consuming, with accredited hours usually available in small doses from a variety of different service providers, often requiring in-person attendance at events. The calendar impact on productivity can be significant. And while there are numerous CPD service providers, not all of them offer verifiable CPD hours so please be aware. Strict guidelines govern this regulatory process. The FSCA relies on SAQA to approve the likes of the FPI, IOBSA and SAIFM who then in turn accredit service providers like BLACK ONYX. 

FAnews recognized the challenges faced by its community and has recently partnered with BLACK ONYX who powers THE CPD HUB so that you can now easily earn verifiable CPD hours from online content covering a broad range of topics. Try it out for yourself HERE 

The FAnews CPD HUB gives you access to over 50 courses and other accredited CPD content in the form of videos, podcasts and reading which you can access via phone, tablets or PC, both online and offline. User-friendly online assessments at the end of each module prove that you engaged with the content and that you qualify for the verified CPD hours. 

The wide range of course content includes future-fit/highly relevant fields like data science and machine learning. And there is specialist content relevant to investment management, insurance, financial planning, ethics and legislated practice standards. So whether you’re interested in learning more about Python for finance, investment planning, ethics around cryptocurrencies or the implications of TCF and RDR we’ve got you covered. 

It is possible to earn your full quotient of 18 verifiable hours through the platform, allowing you to work towards meeting the FAIS deadline requirements entirely at times that suit you. Noting too the significant amount of FREE CPD content made available on this platform. 

The service is also highly cost effective, with several of the verified CPD hours also available for free. 

Click HERE to visit the FAnews CPD HUB and get started with the recommended Ethics & Practice Standards (3-5 hours) and to review the courses in these sections: 

Upon completion of each assessment, you will receive notification of the completed course. You can download a verified CPD certificate off the HUB showing all hours completed. And you can keep track of hours earned with a monthly CPD SCORECARD. This unique CPD SCORECARD service allows you to upload CPD certificates received from other CPD service providers as well, aggregating all your CPD points in one central register. 

To record CPD hours effectively, the attendance of CPD accredited events must be supported with an accredited CPD certificate from an accredited CPD provider, based on the time spent being educated. Any online activity like watching videos that clock-up CPD hours must also comply with the inclusion of a mandatory assessment in order to award the accredited, verifiable CPD certificate. Make sure the service providers you have partnered with offer the assessment so that you earn your verifiable CPD points and receive a certificate that you can keep as a record and upload to your central CPD SCORECARD register. 

The FAnews CPD HUB is a collaboration with THE CPD HUB, which is powered by BLACK ONYX. BLACK ONYX is a distribution specialist and a reg tech service provider, and an CPD service provider accredited by the FPI, IOBSA and SAIFM.

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