The deadline for income tax returns is Friday, 14 July 2006

10 May 2006 Adrian Lackay, SARS Communication

The deadline for South African taxpayers to submit their income tax returns is Friday, 14 July 2006

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel today officially launched the South African Revenue Service (SARS) Filing Season Campaign for 2006.

The deadline for South African taxpayers to submit their income tax returns is Friday, 14 July 2006.

SARS will this year issue 5.3 million income tax returns to individuals, businesses and trusts that are required by law to submit a return and declare all income to SARS.

As with previous Filing Season campaigns, a highly visible and comprehensive communications and marketing programme will be complemented by SARS efforts to extend services to taxpayers through taxpayer education, outreach initiatives and cooperative relationships with business organisations, trade unions and professional organisations to obtain their support and participation.

The Minister today launched Filing Season 2006 at Barlow World Equipment, one of South Africas big corporations in Isando where he addressed a wide spectrum of employees.

An important component and service offering to taxpayers this year is an electronic submission facility SARS will make available on 1 June 2006 for 2.7 million individuals. This service will for the first time be available for individual taxpayers who earn a basic salary and allowances.

The electronic facility will have a range of benefits to taxpayers which includes, among other things, convenience and accuracy with the submission and capturing of personal information. Taxpayers will be able to submit returns electronically without having to visit a SARS Branch office. SARS will have a dedicated helpline to assist taxpayers.

Filing Season 2006 will also be guided by the Service Charter commitments to taxpayers SARS announced last year. In this regard SARS will endeavour to:

- Process and assess 80% of correctly completed and signed Income Tax Returns within 90 working days during peak periods (July to February)

- Process and asses correctly completed and signed Income Tax Returns within 34 working days from the date of receipt in off-peak periods (March to June)

- Pay refunds due to the taxpayer within 30 working days from the date of notification of the assessment outcome

- Courteous professional service at all times

- Providing clear, accurate and helpful responses to enquiries

- Be accessible

- Implement the principles of Batho Pele

The Charter is also a statement of intent through which SARS undertakes to uphold and respect the rights of taxpayers, to educate taxpayers about their tax obligations and to positively influence the compliance climate in South Africa by adhering to these service standards.

In turn, taxpayers are encouraged to declare all income and to prepare motivating documents that can substantiate their claims. Taxpayers are reminded to prepare the following documentation when submitting their:

- IRP 5 Certificate from employer
- Medical Aid Statement
- Retirement Annuity Contribution Certificate
- IT3(b) from financial institution
- All supporting documentation to substantiate claims

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