Insurance Association sympathises with those affected by storms and fires

15 June 2017 Viviene Pearson, SAIA
Viviene Pearson, CE of SAIA.

Viviene Pearson, CE of SAIA.

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) sympathises with all who have lost loved ones or property as a result of the fires and storms over the past week. The emotional and physical damage of a destructive event like this is a traumatic ordeal which not only affects the lives of many, but also scores of animals and the environment.

The SAIA has been encouraged to see the number of private individuals and businesses who have rallied together to assist the affected communities. “We are also encouraged and proud of the speedy response of our members who have provided additional resources to support clients with their claims. A number of members have set up temporary offices, brought in additional staff and on certain claims immediate payment is made to the client to ensure that essential items can be replaced as soon as possible,” said Viviene Pearson, CE of SAIA. SAIA members will be doing everything possible to help all of their affected customers. Those members of the public who have insurance are encouraged to contact their broker or insurance company for immediate assistance.

“At this stage the immediate priority for insurers is to deal with claims as quickly as possible, therefore the number and value of claims costs will not be known for some time. In addition to this, determining the total cost of this disaster will be extremely lengthy as losses incurred not only relate to property damage and will therefore take a while before we know the full extent of the disaster,” explains Pearson.

Weather patterns are becoming more and more unpredictable but events like this are what insurance is there for.

The SAIA is the voice of the short-term insurance industry. It represents the industry at all levels and with all stakeholders, to ensure a sustainable and dynamic short-term industry for the benefit of all South Africans. The SAIA represents most of the short-term insurance companies in South Africa and is authorised to negotiate on their behalf. The Association has 57 members who abide by the SAIA Code of Conduct. The SAIA also participates and is represented in various organisations within and outside the insurance industry.

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