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26 July 2004 Angelo Coppola

(27.7.04) Report by the Insider Trading Directorate shows that three new cases have been added to the current list.

These include an investigation into share transactions in Wetherlys Investment Holdings Limited during July 2003, an investigation into share transactions in CS Computer Services Holdings Limited during April 2004 and an investigation into share transactions in Amalgamated Appliance Holdings Limited during July 2004 have been added to the investigation list.

The investigations into share transactions in Cadiz Holdings Limited and Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited were closed. Investigations are "closed" once it becomes evident that no, or insufficient evidence has been obtained to warrant action in terms of the Insider Trading Act.

The Directorate could not consider the possibility of a civil action against any party with regard to Specialised Outsourcing Limited, as the transactions that were investigated occurred before the Insider Trading Act came into operation.

The Directorate referred the matter to the Registrar of Stock Exchanges and recommended that the investigation files be handed over to the Criminal Investigation Authorities who are in the process of investigating other matters related to this company. 

There are eight cases currently under investigation. 

  1. Amalgamated Appliance Holdings Limited AMA 07/2004 Ongoing
  2. Cadiz Holdings Limited CDZ 19/4/2004-22/4/2004 Closed
  3. CS Computer Services Holdings Limited CSH 04/2004 Ongoing
  4. Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited HCI 01/2003-02/2003 Closed
  5. Omega Alpha International Info Technology Holdings Limited OAI 11/05/2001-23/05/2001 Ongoing
  6. Primedia Limited PRI 01/11/2000-31/12/2000 Ongoing
  7. Redefine Income Fund Limited RDF 06/2003-07/2003 Ongoing
  8. Relyant Retail Limited RLY 05/2004 Ongoing
  9. Sempres International Technology Holdings Limited SEM 10/05/2001-25/05/2001 Ongoing
  10. Specialised Outsourcing Limited OUS 03/2000-05/2000 Referred to criminal authorities
  11. Wetherlys Investment Holdings Limited WET 21/07/2003-25/07/2003 Ongoing
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