FSB: Less than five weeks left for financial service providers to register for regulatory exams

30 May 2012 FSB

As the deadline (30 June 2012) draws closer for Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to register for their regulatory exams, the Financial Services Board (FSB) urges all those who have not yet registered to do so immediately. The deadlines for the regulato

To ensure that the deadlines are clear, FSPs are urged to consult the table below. It is important to note that the examination body requires a period of 10 days from the time of registration to the time that the examination session takes place. This means that candidates that register later than 15 June 2012 will not be able to write the examination in time to meet the 30 June deadline. For the RE 1 and RE 5 examinations there are less than 5 weeks remaining to the deadline. Those candidates with a date of first appointment prior to 30 June 2010 that have not written the examination yet, therefore need to enrol as a matter of urgency to ensure that they are able to secure a seat on the date and time that they prefer.

FSPs are also reminded that Moonstone is the only examination body offering the Afrikaans examinations, and therefore all registrations need to be done directly with Moonstone. The examination dates for the Afrikaans examinations (for both key individuals and representatives) are:

• 19 June 2012

• 17 July 2012 (Re-write only)

• 21 August 2012 (Re-write only)

• 18 September 2012 (Re-write only)

Candidates that would be required to re-write the examination before 30 September 2012 must note that they will also have to register at least 10 days prior to the deadline. Also note that there are cancelation clauses that apply where candidates want to make changes to their registration prior to writing the examination.

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