Dynamic wealth loses two FSB licenses

16 September 2010 Gareth Stokes
Gareth Stokes, FAnews Online Editor

Gareth Stokes, FAnews Online Editor

What happens when you cross the Financial Services Board (FSB)? Yesterday the regulator withdrew the licenses of two Dynamic Wealth Companies. The press release that flashed across my screen read: In terms of Section 9(2)(d) of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act, No 37 of 2002, the Registrar of Financial Services Providers hereby makes known that he has, with immediate effect, withdrawn the authorisations issued to the following companies: Dynamic Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd(FSP No 559) and Dynamic Wealth Stockbrokers (Pty) Ltd (FSP No 7652). reports the two Dynamic Wealth entities have been involved in a months-long legal battle with the FSB, which is attempting to put them under curatorship. (The courts have not yet reached a decision on the November 2009 application). Could it be the FSB is using another channel to achieve their desired outcome? Could we be looking at another FSB versus Fedbond saga? Only time will tell...

The FSB letter triggered immediate court action from Dynamic Wealth. This morning I chatted briefly with one of the company directors, Prof. Chris Harmse. “There’s an urgent court appeal [the Pretoria High Court] at 10 am,” he said, “and we expect judgement on the matter by 2pm, after which we’ll issue a press release.” We’ll post this release on the moment it becomes available...

Eight transgressions to sink an advice license

What seems to be the problem? We leafed through the FSB release to find out why the licenses were summarily withdrawn. They list eight “brief” reasons for the withdrawal of Dynamic’s licenses as follows:

* The so-called Association business of the companies in the form of “clubs” was open to the public and conducted in contravention of the law.

* The companies had over a substantial period of time misrepresented to the Registrar that their Association business was not open to the public.

* The companies had in many instances made themselves guilty of contravention of the law, defiance or circumvention of regulation and the directives issued by the Registrar.

* The companies have failed in their fiduciary duties towards their clients, neglected the interests of clients, have treated clients unfairly and in several known instances have caused their clients to suffer severe loss.

* The Registrar’s experience with the companies has left him as regulator without any confidence in the board of directors and executive management of the companies.

* In many instances the companies are either unwilling or unable to repay their investors what had been entrusted to them.

* The above conclusions were drawn after an in-depth inspection of the business affairs of the company, in which the JSE Ltd also participated, and a proper administrative process during which representations by the companies had been considered.

What must Dynamic Wealth do now?

A withdrawal of an FSB license is a serious matter. If the courts fail to grant a reprieve, the two divisions in question will have to take immediate steps to communicate the FSB decision to all affected parties. Dynamic Wealth will have to contact all of its clients and product suppliers to advise them of the withdrawal of its licences.

The company will also “with immediate effect” be prohibited from continuing with its existing business, or accepting new business. The tersely worded release includes instructions for any part-completed transaction to be transferred, with client consent, to another FSP.

Editor’s thoughts: The FSB / Dynamic Wealth wrangle was already in full force in February 2010, following a November 2009 application for curatorship. writer Julius Cobbett has published a number of detailed accounts of the dispute. The problem I have with the situation is investors are in limbo while the company and the FSB battle it out. And my question today is whether the FSB / Dynamic Wealth situation is being correctly handled – in the best interests of consumers? Add your comment below, or send it to


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Added by Hitman, 20 Sep 2010
Ek ken ook n paar van die Dynamic Wealth persone.. Kom ons hoop maar net vir hulle part my geld is veilig.. Anders, SAL JUL KAK SIEN !!!
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Added by I know these people, 18 Sep 2010
Beste van alles is - daardie "manne" van Dynamic Wealth loop met die Bybel onder hulle arms rond, dis net godsdiens en bybel versies voor en agter, maar ONDER DRAAI DIE DUIWEL ROND. Dis iets anders om te sien hoe daardie manne "operate"... hulle klientebasis is pensioenarisse en plattelanders... wat se dit vir jou?
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Added by Kimchris, 17 Sep 2010
The blame lies with Dynamic Wealth and with the brokers who sold this investment to their Clients. My 63 year old mother is in tears over her lost money, which her broker had no business investing in a fund like this at her age. There has been no communication from either DW or the broker on what the situation is and the most information that we have comes from articles that Julius Cobbett writes. It is a disgrace that the media keeps investors up to date and not the DW or the broker.
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Added by beswaarde makelaar, 16 Sep 2010
Nee wat , Dynamic se manne verdien die "toemaak" van hulle besigheid !! Hulle hanteer kliente baie stief en ondersteun hulle glad nie ! Waar hulle werknemer selfs geld gesteel het van kliente , het hulle nie eers die ordentlikheid om vinnig en effektief op te tree om die mense se geld terug te gee nie !! Hulle skuil agter kamstige prosesse en versekeringseise , wat NOOIT waar word nie. Intussen het die klient geen inkomste vir maande nie ?? Het hulle ooit wettiglike van krag PI ?? Van hulle direkteure verseker kliente mondelings van geen verliese , maar op skrif GEEN antwoorde !! Hulle trek ook geld uit rekeninge van kliente vir produkte wat nie eers meer bestaan nie ??? Hoe werk dit ?? Nee - die proses is te stadig om hulle toe te maak - kry spoed asb FSB .
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