Sasria impacts young learners through maths and science

31 July 2019 Sasria

Sasria SOC Ltd is supporting EduCate’s nationwide matric maths and science revision programme again this year.

The programme is geared for another launch this month, just in time for exam preparation. 

In its ninth year, EduCate, a Primestars initiative, presents a practical, scalable model to cover the entire matric curriculum and helps learners to improve their maths and science knowledge before final exams. 

This year’s annual launch will take place on Wednesday, July 31. Sasria, the only special risks insurer in South Africa, is in its fourth year as a partner in this programme. 

“We are very proud to be associated with an initiative of this nature. It helps equip learners for one of their most important exams while also upskilling teachers to better educate all learners for success,” says Tshepiso Chocho, executive manager for People Management at Sasria. 

Chocho says that Sasria works hard to impact education outcomes positively through its CSI initiatives. A majority of the initiatives they participate in are to the overall benefit of the financial sector. Initiatives such as Primestars groom potential beneficiaries of our CSI programmes from the foundation stage. 

These programmes are broad. In addition to extra lessons in maths and science, they also provide extra lessons in English in identified provinces over school holidays. These benefit both the teachers, who become upskilled and trained, and the learners who improve their understanding of their school work. 

“Professionals in all sectors need maths and science. They will need these even more going into a digital future,” says Chocho, adding that such subjects are very useful for problem solving and cognitive thinking, which are necessary in any job.  

Primestars has opened the minds of learners from disadvantaged areas to more than just maths and science. The choice of movie theatres as venues for the revision will surely ramp up the lateral thinking required for success in both these subjects. 

The theatres, spread across the country, will have subject matter experts present to address any questions that may arise from the learners. 

“We owe it to the youth to make success attainable. Young people from previously under-serviced areas have to try that much harder. All that means is so do we. Those of us who have overcome the obstacles, need to try just as hard to make these learning accessible to these children. Maths and science, we have learned, are worthwhile vehicles to achieve this,” says Chocho.

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