Santam’s YouTube channel hits 1 Million views

03 November 2014 Santam

Santam’s YouTube channel, which was established in July 2013, has officially grabbed the attention of over 1 million users.

This channel is the only one of its kind in the South African insurance industry and boasts up-to-date content about better risk management in and around the home, on the road and for small businesses. 

According to Wesley Cloete, Digital Marketing manager, the consumption of video content has increased significantly both locally and internationally. 

“YouTube is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in South Africa with 40% year on year growth in its local user base this year taking it to more than 7 million users. 

“Santam is the first short-term insurer in South Africa to reach a million views and also the only insurer currently leveraging the unique capability of YouTube’s platform with the introduction of our interactive home explorer video,” says Wesley. 

The top five most-watched videos on the Santam YouTube channel are: 

What do our children really learn from us?
Views: 270,488 (27%)
Minutes watched: 404,578 (33%) 

How do you curb excessive sick leave? 
Views: 92,948 (9.4%)
Minutes watched: 104,481 (8.6%) 

What is an entrepreneur’s biggest obstacle?
Views: 71,979 (7.35)
Minutes watched: 68,097 (5.6%) 

What is the key to small business marketing?
Views: 57,569 (5.8%)
Minutes watched: 66,259 (5.5%) 

Santam Hypnosis Advert – Baby on board
Views: 53,644 (5.4%)
Minutes watched: 51,855 (4.3%) 

The latest addition to the YouTube channel is Santam’s Home Explorer [Santam Home Explorer], which has been watched over 50 000 times in the first week since its launch. The Home Explorer is a unique interactive video guide to making your home a safer place to live for you and your family. 

Nathan van Rooyen, head of Digital Marketing says that the YouTube channel is one of the many ways in which Santam can demonstrate insurance good and proper in the digital space. 

“Our social media offering plays a key role in providing consumers with useful advice and risk management tips. We also believe that providing them with the type of advice they’ve come to expect of us will help keep them and the people and things they love safer. The popularity of Santam’s YouTube channel is a great testimony to that fact,” concludes Nathan. 

**Interesting fact: Our Personal and Commercial lines Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels have a combined audience of more than 56 000 people and our blog is approaching more than 10 000 visitors per month.

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