Santam partners with Motus to provide motor warranty services to clients

21 April 2022 Santam

Santam, South Africa’s largest short-term insurer, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Motus Mobility Solutions that ensures that the company’s insurance clients will have access to market-leading motor-warranty services.

The Santam Smart Warranty, as the service will be called, shall provide South African motorists with much needed access to world-class motor warranty products, that assist with unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failures in vehicles. The service creates a one-stop-shop for all policyholder warranty and car insurance needs. With Santam Smart Warranty, current and future policyholders will be able to entrust South Africa’s market leading insurer with more of their vehicle needs, during its life cycle.

Motus Mobility Solutions is part of the Motus group, South Africa’s leading automotive group. The company develops and distributes innovative vehicle-related financial products and services through importers, dealers, finance houses, insurers, call centres and digital channels.

Motus Mobility Solutions CEO Kerry Cassel said: “Partnering with Santam to provide Value Added Products and Services to their customers is an exciting development for Motus Mobility Solutions and reflects our desire to collaborate with organisations that share our vision of Mobility for Good. We believe that Santam’s industry expertise, combined with Motus’s innovative technology and consumer-focused solutions, will create unique value for Santam’s policyholders, empowering them to make decisions that create lasting value throughout their mobility journey.”

Gerald van Wyk, the Santam Executive Head of Strategic Business Development said the partnership supports Santam’s strategic roadmap of partnering, innovating and collaborating with other businesses to add value to clients.

“Such partnerships are key to the implementation of our FutureFit strategy, which among others, promote partnering with non-traditional players to foster growth and the accessing of new markets,” said van Wyk.

Through the partnership, Santam policyholders will have an opportunity to acquire world-class motor-warranty products as well as wider Value-Added Products and Services (VAPS), over time. It creates significant value for Santam’s existing and new policyholders through the availability of a Motor Warranty product that protects them in case of mechanical or electrical breakdown and understanding the market transition to keeping vehicles longer. The partnership is effective from April 2022. The launch to all clients will take place in phases, with the initial roll-out focused on existing Santam Direct clients only. Intermediated clients will follow at a later stage.

“There is a clear need for VAPS solutions for our existing and new clients. As a leader in the South African short-term insurance industry, it therefore was imperative that we enable and ensure that we offer our clients value in the unique vehicle related VAPS field, a need that our clients have themselves identified,” van Wyk said.

“An extremely important aspect of this partnership for us was that we were looking for a partner that would enhance the value to, and experience of, our policyholders, through the utilisation of their best practice. Santam existing and future clients will now benefit from a warranty product designed to be simple to understand, with freedom to choose the cover limits right for them, cover that will remain with them for the period they choose, and together with pricing that is designed to reflect their unique circumstances,” he added.

Motus Mobility Solutions is also a provider of fleet management services to corporate customers including fleet maintenance, fines management, licensing and registration services. Because of the nature of Motus Mobility Solutions’ business they have a deep extensive understanding of VAPS across the value chain.

As part of the Motus group, Motus Mobility Solutions also benefits from long-standing importer and retail partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers that represent some of the world’s most recognisable vehicle brands.

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