Santam challenges consumers to be safe out there

02 September 2013 Yegs Ramiah, Santam
Yegs Ramiah, Executive Head of Brand at Santam.

Yegs Ramiah, Executive Head of Brand at Santam.

Santam has gone to unusual lengths in its latest TV campaign to encourage a less risky approach to everyday life highlighting how thinking influences behaviour.

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Out of the estimated 8.7 million species on earth, homo sapiens is the only one that actively seeks out risk, knowingly and often against our own better judgement.

We speed, we text while driving, we drive under the influence of alcohol, and we neglect our own security, putting important things off for later we know we should do today, if we want to be safe.

It appears as if many people think and feel they are immortal; as if nothing bad can happen to them.

Santam’s latest TV campaign, which commenced on air on 1 September, highlights how thinking influences behaviour.

The television commercial amplifies the current brand communication that uses the different days of the week in a clever way to show people how to manage their risks, day by day.

As with the previous Santam TV ads, including the series featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, the new commercial also has an interesting and unexpected twist - all the lead actors were hypnotised.

While the actions of those hypnotised were not staged, they were filmed in a controlled environment to ensure the safety of all involved.

To make the advertisements, world renowned hypnotist Keith Barry took to the streets of Johannesburg to illustrate that people are extra careful when they believe they are more vulnerable and at risk.

“Santam is holding the mirror up, showing people how we put ourselves at risk every day and how the smallest change in thinking can only make us safer,” says Yegs Ramiah, Executive Head of Brand at Santam.

“Clients will continue to benefit from Santam’s claims philosophy and capability, enabling us to pay out more money in claims than any other insurer. While our recently released interim results reflected difficult underwriting conditions during the six months ended 30 June 2013, we settled claims to the value of R6.6 billion in doing just that – meeting the needs of policyholders when they need us most. That is insurance good and proper,” concludes Ramiah.

The campaign forms part of a broader campaign roll-out, consisting of press, radio, outdoor and digital.

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