Santam broker conferences set the tone for the industry

30 October 2008 Santam

Santam’s annual broker conferences for 2008 have concluded on a high note, with more than 1000 brokers around the country encouraged to drive the future success of the industry and Santam by understanding and addressing tomorrow’s changing and challenging environment.

Santam Chief Executive, Ian Kirk described the 2008 broker conferences as informative and energetic, an opportunity to celebrate 90 years of successful collaboration between Santam and its brokers and to mutually agree on the future direction for the industry and to continue to position Santam as the leader in the market.

“Brokers are our risk management partners and close collaboration is essential if we are to achieve a situation in which clients are most effectively able to manage their risk. Building on our past successes, we are acutely aware that it is only through the partnerships we enjoy with our brokers that we will be able to deliver real value to our clients, and in turn ensure the future success of the industry,” he said.

Quinten Matthew, Head of Specialist Business at Santam, said that a total of five broker conferences had taken place during August and September. He noted that the theme of celebrating 90 years provided the ideal platform to explore and determine the key ingredients for the future success of both Santam and its business partners.

“Client-centricity is crucial, and one of our key themes concerned the need for brokers and insurers to tailor their offering to the desired market segment and to ensure that the services and products, value and advice provided are relevant to each segment according to its needs.

“We also discussed Santam’s new Broker Management Project, which will be the cornerstone in improving efficiency and access for brokers to Santam’s products and services, the need for greater collaboration between insurer and intermediary, and growth opportunities in the current economic environment,” he said.

Other items on the agenda included the changing regulatory environment, Santam’s new agricultural business unit and the various classes of insurance and benefits available through Santam’s Specialist Business unit.

“Judging from the comments and feedback received, the 2008 broker conferences were successful in promoting informative debate and generating new ideas. Ultimately, innovation and collaboration has been responsible for building the Santam business and remain crucial to our future success,” concluded Matthew.

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