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08 June 2015 Santam

Santam’s digital footprint as an extension of the brand proposition of insurance good and proper.

Short-term insurer Santam today revealed its new website, the latest in its digital evolution. The redesign offers a seamless user experience with enhanced performance, navigation and functionality features.

The redesign has improved the user experience across all devices and platforms. New features include calculators that are now much simpler to use while requesting a quote, finding a broker or making a claim has never been easier. It is supported by relevant, up-to-date content presented in bite-sized chunks.

“It is important to remain relevant in today’s digital world where people choose to engage with brands on their own terms through a host of digital platforms and devices,” says Nathan van Rooyen, Santam’s Head of Digital Marketing.

Santam’s new website forms the core of their digital world and enables a seamless experience across devices such as cellphones, tablets and PCs.

Growing online community

“We have steadily grown our digital platforms and online presence over the past three years with a number of key developments taking place over the past 18 months. We have reached many important milestones during this time,” continues van Rooyen.

“We didn’t just want to have a digital presence for the sake of it, we wanted to do it well. We see our digital footprint as an extension of our brand proposition of insurance good and proper.”

If you’re not following Santam on social media yet, make sure to join one or more of their online communities:

• More than 40 000 likes on Facebook to date.
• More than 19,500 followers now stay up-to-date with Santam’s daily insurance tweets.
• Safety tutorials, insurance tips and other videos have been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube during the past 18 months.
• More than 18,500 people visit the Santam blog each month.
• More than 20,000 people have downloaded the Santam app with Be Safe functionality in just two months.

The recently launched Santam App with Be Safe functionality features a “guardian” function that allows selected friends or family members to track an individual’s movements as well as an Accident and Incident Reporter which allows accurate submission of claim information for incidents.

Content is king

“For us it’s about giving the consumer the experience that they want. Our digital platforms have received careful consideration so that they add value to everyday life by providing relevant and engaging content where the consumer wants it,” adds van Rooyen.

A key enhancement to the website is a much larger focus on multi-media rich content in the form of infographics and videos. Interactive visual content allows for more engagement and a better user experience.

“The Santam brand aims to add value to the consumer by providing important content that demonstrates the brand proposition of keeping you safe. This is done by helping the consumer to better manage risk through advice and tips on the platform as well as social media,” concludes van Rooyen.

For an overview, watch the video below or experience the site for yourself by clicking here.


Q & A with Nathan van Rooyen: Santam Head of Digital Marketing

Q: How is the new website supporting the brand?

A: Everything that we do in the digital space is integrated with our brand positioning. Our new website is Santam’s digital home and it represents our brand and therefore must support our value proposition of Insurance Good and Proper. It needs to be more than just a promise, it needs to be something tangible in the reality of our clients’ everyday lives.

The content we provide informs the tools which are there to assist consumers with their needs and to help them manage their risk.

Q: What informed the need for the update?

A: We found that with our digital growth over the past three years, we needed a central focal point that could pull all our digital platforms together. Our business needs had changed and we needed a single platform that could house all the tools we offer our customers; utilities, product and multimedia content. The old Santam website was no longer able to support our other digital systems, you could say that we outgrew it. The new site is well positioned for future growth and has the capability to support our next wave of evolution…. Watch this space!

Q: What functionalities are key for the insurer?

A: Giving our customers what they need is key for us, so ensuring a better seamless user experience was the first thing.

What lies at the core of our business is claims handling. We pride ourselves on being there for our policyholders when they need us most, and that is at claims stage, so we’ve added a handy claims submission form on the new website. It’s a tool that assists with getting the process started after which one of our client service staff will contact the policyholder to see the process through to the end. Ensuring a smooth hassle free claims process is vitally important and benefits the business and our clients.

Letting consumers know what products and services the business has to offer in a clear and simple manner was an area that needed improvement on our previous website. We have upgraded the new website with rich media content and utilities that assist visitors with finding out more about Santam’s products and how we are able to help them manage their risk.

Q: How did you spec the effectiveness of the site?

A: We involved consumers in the design process and were able to identify their needs.
Essentially, they were looking for accurate tools such as calculators that would assist them with gathering information when shopping for insurance.

Q: What are the transactional capabilities?

A: Visitors can request a quote, find a broker and start the online claims process (no need to wait for Monday morning!). Clients can also communicate with the business via our website and give us valuable feedback. Additionally, we also have a dedicated intermediary portal with login access from our website.




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