A credit card designed for the professional

29 October 2019 PPS

A credit card that allows users to ‘pay forward for their future’ is one of the unique features of the PPS Credit Card that has been designed to suit the needs of professionals seeking additional value.

“Credit is often the go-to solution for big and emergency purchases as it carries the advantage of taking up a loan with or without interest, depending on the credit terms undertaken. While using credit cards sensibly is a must, it is good to know that there are offerings out there that reward users, while enabling the ability to save for the future,” says Peter Muwanula, Head: Partnerships and Alliances at PPS. “This is one of the unique features of the PPS Credit Card.”

Growing savings is critical for South African households. According to the 2019 PPS Graduate Professional Index, only 27% of respondents on average consider themselves to be savvy when it comes to savings and investment matters.

“It is hardly surprising that savings is proving to be difficult for many, irrespective of their income levels. Therefore, finding ways and means to make the most of disposable money is going to be top of the agenda for some time as every bit that can go into the savings pot for the now and the future helps,” says Muwanula.

One of the most immediate money saving benefits are the credit card rewards. “By keeping a close watch over spend and the rewards points earned, savings is possible by redeeming these points at a range of retail, pharmacy, electronics and even fast food, outlets where users are able to use these instead of paying the full amount. The PPS Credit Card Rewards programme carries this feature where the accumulated reward points do not expire, but are subject to review on a yearly basis.

However, there is also opportunity for long-term savings. This is one of the unique features of the PPS Credit Card where PPS members can opt to convert their points into a retail voucher or allocate these to their Profit-Share Account for long-term retirement savings.
“This can be likened to members spending now for their retirement future,” says Muwanula.

Apart from the savings aspect, there are also the other benefits of a credit card such as enabling a travel and leisure lifestyle through the discounted flight rates, access to local and international lounges and travel insurance, amongst others.

“All of these are suitable for the professional seeking value. Credit cards can be an enabler for immediate and long-term savings when used intelligently,” ends Muwanula

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