Oakhurst Insurance turns 10 and goes niche!

13 November 2017Oakhurst Insurance

The message from Oakhurst is clear, “We are more than just motor, much more!” Evidencing this, Hospitality Insurance, Drone Insurance and an integrated insurance software system called Iris have recently been launched as part of Oakhurst’s 10th birthday celebration.

Although Oakhurst Insurance began as a motor-focused insurer their commitment to fully embrace technology and continually innovate has caused them to expand into most spheres of insurance. “With great relationships, expertise in various industries, the agility to execute swiftly and the intellectual muscle to be able to innovate, it was inevitable that niche markets would become an area of focus.” comments Rob Glynn, Head of Oakhurst’s dedicated Partner Relations and Product Development team. “Listening to and actioning the needs of our business partners and clients has given rise to many new and exciting offerings.”


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